How To Sort Out (not fix) The Story Of Assassin’s Creed

By Matthew Nemeth

Spoilers ahead for Assassin’s Creed 3

As a fan since the beginning of Assassin’s Creed, I have enjoyed 90 percent of the releases as we all know how bad Unity was. When Origins came out after a year break from the main franchise I loved the fact that Ubisoft actually tried to do something, the same with Odyssey, that’s great. But Assassin’s Creed doesn’t have a connecting story anymore and has gone the route of an anthology, that’s great. But we never did properly finish Desmond’s story, notice I said properly. Here are a few things the franchise could do to connect things together a bit more. Now bare with Me, some of this is never going to happen and some of it might be a little crazy.

Get The Group Back Together Including Vidic 

assassins creed group


Remember Lucy, Rebecca and Sean? I know Desmond and Lucy died, I know. But in order to get part of the main story back you really need to get all of them back. This is in the “it’s not going to happen” part but like I said you really need them to come back for the main story to do so. But since it’s been so long since we have seen them that the games that take place after their deaths really have not gotten any main story threads in those that connect back to this group other than a cliffhanger scene in Black Flag. At this point for the sake of the main story, I honestly wouldn’t care if these characters just showed up again. Look at this way, wasn’t Desmond supposed to be the chosen one? Why was he made so important to Ezio and Altair to be sacrificed at the end of 3 for basically nothing? Also, I mentioned Vidic, bring him back and make him the one trying to hunt down the main team, that’s what he was doing in 2, why did that stop.

Bare with Me with this next one, it would make no sense, but it’s a way to make the loose Assassin’s connect to the story.

Find a strange way to have the Assassin’s from the loose/anthology games be connected

ac kassandra.jpgac syndicate.jpgac bayek and aya

I know this basically makes no sense, but it would really help the story be more connected. Take the modern day characters such as Layla and Desmond and make them join together, then find some way (probably through the Animus) to make the other Assassins join together, I know, they are in different countries and time periods ect. but this is Assassin’s Creed we are talking about. You have an Animus which can make you go back to your ancestors, it would be great to see it used for more things. perhaps introduce some element of time travel and have these people come together to fight abstergo, because, well…… you know……. WASN’T THAT THE GOAL IN THE FIRST PLACE!? and shouldn’t the story be trying to finish that story? because why was Desmond’s story just thrown out the window?!

In any case, as much as I would love even 20 percent of this to happen Desmond has been dead since 2012 and probably isn’t coming back, so it’s probably up to Layla, the modern character from Origins and Odyssey to pick up the pieces of the modern story and to, you know….. complete the goal left from Desmond.

In conclusion, I still think it’s possible to get the main story back on track, or, more realistically, focus on Layla and have her meet up with the alive characters such as Rebecca, Sean an William. But it would be really cool to use some method of time travel and have the other loose Assassin’s meet up.

If you want to know more of my feelings on why I like Ubisoft so much click anywhere in this paragraph for the podcast I made all about them.


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