Let’s Stop Accepting Bad AAA Video Games

Entertainment Talk New
Entertainment Talk New
Let's Stop Accepting Bad AAA Video Games

By Matthew Nemeth

I am back today to talk about bad AAA Video Games and why we shouldn’t accept them.

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7 thoughts on “Let’s Stop Accepting Bad AAA Video Games

  1. Good podcast! It’s really interesting that two people buying the game at the same time (say for PC) can have vastly different experiences even though they meet the tech requirements.

    I think it’s really difficult from a developer standpoint to test every possible bug, because just the combination of all the possible rigs can yield different results. That being said, they should take care not to release buggy games just to meet some deadline. Then again from what I understand, Anthem had been developed over 7 years and it’s still buggy. It doesn’t reflect well on the company. Also Assassin’s Creed: Unity comes to mind, it had a rough start.

    Bugs don’t necessarily mean a bad game, it could be more of a poor story, lack of things to do and repetiteveness as you have said. With bugs, I think the most important thing is how quickly the developers respond to users’ feedback and fix critical stuff.

    At any rate, I hold off buying new AAA games unless it’s something I really want regardless (Battlefield comes to mind 🙂 ). Waiting for a few months isn’t that big of a deal plus you save up quite a lot of money.

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