Star Trek Discovery 106 'Lethe' Review Netflix

By Matthew Nemeth

So another good episode of Star Trek Discovery this week. This time i’m going to tell you the thins i liked and didn’t, I really liked the action this week even if half of it was simulated, I liked the jogging thing at the start and really like Micheal’s friend i think she’s funny and cool and brings a nice comedic vibe to the show that i feel is welcome and sometimes needed, I really liked where Lorca ends up and think that could be interesting going forward probably next episode, he does have a gun to probably attempt to escape so i’m looking forward to that (i really like the action on this show). i’m growing to like the characters a little more and care about a few of them. The other thing i liked is the nice twist with the Klingon at the end, well, not much of a twist we know they are evil (and still incredibly annoying), But with Cornwall being captured i thaught was interesting

star trek discovery 106

Onto a few things i didn’t like and perhaps it’s to do with my lack of Star Trek knowledge but the whole thing with Micheal and her dad i found annoying and unnecessary, was i supposed to find it important? necessary? moving? well i just found it to not necessarily be annoying but just not good, Sonequa‘s performance as Micheal still has remained strong throughout the entire series and continued to here and i love watching her on this show, but i just didn’t care for the scenes with them, which to be fair, took up a lot of the time in the episode, but hey, we went a week without an annoyingly long Klingon speeches so YAY, i have a feeling given the situation that this will change next week though.

rating 8.3/10

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