Star Trek Discovery 108 'Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum' Review Netflix

By Matthew Nemeth

Another week, another great, mysterious and entertaining episode of Star Trek Discovery. This was slightly more of a bottle episode with Tyler Micheal and Doug going on their adventure, but at the same time, it was fun. Granted there were very low stakes in this episode but this was definitely more of a character development episode. Micheal and Tyler actually kissed and not just because of some groundhog day style situation like last week so they have to give this relationship a full go right? Otherwise, what was the point? Sonequa’s acting continues to be amazing and the best in the show, Although everyone else, is still pretty good. Now, while we didn’t get much action this week i did find Micheal and Doug’s fight/brawl this week to be quite interesting and fun.

star trek 108.jpg

Over to the Klingon, The only reason i enjoyed it this week was because of the interactions between Cornwell and the other Klingon and her “taken captive” story, Hey maybe all along all i needed was the Klingon to interact with someone interesting, So not themselves.

Rating 9/10

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