Star Trek Discovery 110 'Despite Yourself' Review – Netflix SPOILERS

By Matthew Nemeth

Star Trek Discovery is back from it’s winter break for episode 10 of season 1 ‘Despite Yourself‘ On CBS and Netflix. This was, quite an episode and i have more questions then i would like and not necessarily on the “oo that’s cool mystery” side that i enjoyed so much fro the 1st half of the season. There’s still some of that there, but less so and more on the “ok what’s happening side” but not to an extent that i’m being put off. Instead i feel challenged as a viewer to work out what’s going on, again, in a good and bad way, i have mixed feelings is what i mean and that’s ok but hopefully, that doesn’t outstay it’s welcome.

star trek hugh

So Hugh Culber dies in this episode, sort of, showrunners have said this isn’t the end of his story, Right…… I know in the episode it was said by a few characters that they are in a parallel universe or world of sorts. BUT, the version of Hugh that we have seen in the last 10 episodes is the same version that traveled with the crew. So what do the showrunners mean by his story isn’t done? are we going to get Princess Leia hologram messages from him? Or something? I’m struggling to work this one out but either way, we will have to wait and see. But this does echo a little the Glenn Dumpster thing from season 6 of The Walking Dead and they need to correct the ship on this, not on Star Trek Discovery but on Hugh’s character and the situation. Also, when i was watching this episode with headphones in the neck snap sounded quite nasty but not in a i can’t handle this way.


This guy, he’s got a lot going on, that’s for sure. This episode explores his connection with another Klingon who tortured him. This ties into the death of Hugh when he hears the Klingon voice in his head and then just snaps Hugh’s neck. It was an effective scene that has a degree of mystery to it and i’m looking forward to seeing the aftermath of all of this.

Overall this was a great episode and i did like it even if it did leave me feeling slightly confused, especially with what’s happening with Gabriel Lorca at the end. But nevertheless i still like this show a lot and is far from bad, it just left me a little confused at parts.

Rating 8/10

star trek tilly

Also, i continue to love Tilly, that is all.



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