Star Trek Discovery 112 'Vaulting Ambition' Review – Netflix

By Matthew Nemeth

Star Trek Discovery is back on Netflix and CBS for a better episode this week, one that is a bit simpler and answered some questions even if a few answers still have questions behind them. The acting in this episode i think was a standout and unfortunately, there was a lack of cool space shots unlike last week, but that’s fine. To me, something has felt a little more off in the 2nd/back half of this season and maybe it’s the whole parallel universe thing but it means that they can get away with a few more things such as Micheal’s explanation of “i’m not your Michael Burnham” which worked quite well. I’m happier with this episode because it made more sense and because it made sense in a compelling and entertaining way, some shows simply don’t do that, you can be given a reveal but just not have it be satisfying, like last week’s episode cliffhanger. It was cool but didn’t do much for me, this week i delightfully felt differently.

It’s Never Goodbye

star trek its never goodbye.jpg

This was a great scene between Hugh and Paul it showed them having a nice goodbye and Hugh revealing the truth apart from not telling Paul who killed him, the acting here was great and it was really well written. I sort of hope this is the farewell for these 2 although this scene was so well done including the network introduction at the start that i sort of want to see more but without ruining what was done so well here. But yes, excellent scene.

The Full Reveal Of Parallel Philipa

philipa earth 2

After my slight confusion last week i was happy to see this all explained and was happy by the outcome, this is a great way to kill of a character and essentially bring in another version, whether or not she stays or even lives is another question (but not in the same way) i’m looking forward to seeing what happens here as there is a lot of potential

There are other reveals in this episode but i want to see where they go before talking about them more as they are more of a “that’s cool let’s see where it goes” kind of thing.

Rating 10/10


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