Star Trek Discovery 114 ‘The War Without, The War Within’ Review – Netflix

By Matthew Nemeth

Star Trek Discovery is back on Netflix and CBS this week with 114 The War Without, The War Within and it was another really good one, this episode really just smoothed things out and set things up for the finale. which is really good, that’s what penultimate episodes are meant to do. Micheal and Tyler talked about what was happening as did Tyler and Saru and both conversations had nice parts even if things didn’t go quite so well between Micheal and Tyler and i really hope that things will eventually change between them, more importantly, i hope that Tyler can stay as Tyler and can finally hope to have some really good character development next season, if he doesn’t die next week that is. But i look forward to more of him and others of course in season 2

star trek 114 space

There were again more shots of space this week and i really enjoy seeing them. I’m not sure what CBS’s budget is for this show but i would be surprised to hear that they are going cheap or holding back money on this show, it just doesn’t feel like it. I hope to see some more space exploration next season too and who knows maybe we will see more of this next week, but so far they have characters i care about with a fairly good plot with complications and mystery i would just like to see more action and more space exploration. But for a 1st season so far they have done really well with these characters and making me care about them.

I’ll see you next week for the finale! where i shall hopefully have a surprise, stay tuned.

rating 9/10



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