Star Trek Discovery Episode 3 'Context Is For Kings' Review Netflix

By Matthew Nemeth

I enjoyed this episode a lot and more than the previous episode which left me a little lost and somewhat confused. I really liked the premise of this episode as well, Micheal is serving her time in Prison/Community service but her along with the group she is with come across something mysterious, Boy i do like when you get a mysterious species that attack our group of heroes, it’s all about discovering what the enemy is about, how to stop them etc. and i absolutely love it and i love when that happens in this episode. It brings up other questions that as a newbie to Star Trek is an interesting Discovery for me personally as well as for these characters, sort of. I feel like the show is holding my hand to a nice degree and then letting go when something new and exciting comes up and i couldn’t be happier right now with the way that was dealt with in this episode┬ábut bare in mind when it comes to mystery, i’m fairly easy to please but i suppose that works well in my favour and for my personal viewership of this show.


There were a few bits of both classic Star Trek dialogue and new dialogue that i liked too “Energise!”, “Set phasers to kill” and from what i think was Micheal herself “What could be so dangerous as to kill fully armed Klingon” the fact she says fully, armoured and Klingon to really get the point that this “thing” must be some kind of beast i absolutely loved and i’m looking forward to the rest of my Star Trek journey to continue next week.

Rating 9.5/10

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