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Scream Season 3 Resurrection Review

By Matthew Nemeth I am finally here to review Scream Season 3 Resurrection on Netflix and VH1 after literally years of waiting Ghostface is back. Check below for the free podcast Click here for a list of our iTunes feeds Read More

Scream Season 3 Resurrection Preview

By Matthew Nemeth Today I am back to talk about Scream Season 3 subtitled Resurrection on VH1 and Netflix? while it is unclear if the 3rd season will be on Netflix in the U.K. it will be on VH1 from Read More

MTV’s Treatment Of Scream Is Bizzare, Mysterious And Incredibly Annoying

By Matthew Nemeth This has been a very frustrating time for Scream fans, with other horror series such as The Purge, Halloween and American Horror Story all having something going on there has been very little and at times nothing at Read More

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