MTV’s Treatment Of Scream Is Bizzare, Mysterious And Incredibly Annoying

By Matthew Nemeth

This has been a very frustrating time for Scream fans, with other horror series such as The Purge, Halloween and American Horror Story all having something going on there has been very little and at times nothing at all for Scream fans to hold on to. MTV did announce the rebooted 3rd season of Scream back in October 2016, so yes, it’s been a very long time for the fans, with the legalities with The Weinstein Co. being the issue.

But, this is all just very weird and mysterious, The most recent case is having a lot of/possibly all of the cast being invited to this years VMA awards hosted by MTV which is by far their biggest thing they have and what happened? absolutely nothing. No trailer, no mention, just, well… nothing, nothing at all. Not a single member of the cast got to have even a single photo taken on the red carpet, so, well, whats going on?!

Is the case that there are still some legal issues hanging over the show? we did get confirmation that Lantern Co. had purchased The Weinstien Co. and the brothers are of course out of the picture. The single only reason I can see the blame not being put on MTV is IF there are still legal issues, My theory? we will either just not see the show for several more months and I mean SEVERAL, the show will air on Halloween with very very little notice or promotion or none at all or maybe something else, I am lost, the rest of the fan-base is lost and we don’t know what to do about that anymore.

This is only the 2nd case where a network hasn’t aired something and there simply hasn’t been a reason why, the other case I’m referring to was when Channel 5 mysteriously never aired the 3rd season of Gotham in the U.K. but eventually E4 picked it up but for the 4th season and the 3rd season was only released via Netflix and DVD.

So what do you think is the case for MTV’s 3rd season of Scream? also, yes I am aware of the recent casting news that was released, but that wasn’t released even by MTV themselves and isn’t the trailer or air date news we all want, but I guess it was something?


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