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Useless Petitions, TV I Won’t Watch

By Matthew Nemeth In a slightly more negative podcast, I want to take a look at the various different save petitions for Gotham, Shadowhunters and other shows. and also talk about the TV I simply avoid such as reality TV and Read More

MTV’s Treatment Of Scream Is Bizzare, Mysterious And Incredibly Annoying

By Matthew Nemeth This has been a very frustrating time for Scream fans, with other horror series such as The Purge, Halloween and American Horror Story all having something going on there has been very little and at times nothing at Read More

Fall/Autumn TV Preview 2017: The Walking Dead, Stranger Things and more

By Matthew Nemeth So with Fall/Autumn TV right around the corner i thought I’d put together another list of the TV we can expect from this time of year just as i did this time last year, If i have missed Read More

Different Lego Posters 

By Matthew Nemeth   My favourite here is the flash and arrow one but they are all very cool and makes me think about what lego films we could see in the future entertainmenttalk.org@etalkukentertainmenttalk@hotmail.compatreon.com/entertainmenttalk  

Entertainment Talk TV 1

Host: Matthew Nemeth Co-Host: Robert Yocum In this brand new podcast Matthew and Robert discuss TV in general, what they watch and a small piece of film talk Here is a link to the video Robert was talking about: entertainmenttalk.org Read More

Entertainment Talk Needs Your Support

By Matthew Nemeth Entertainment Talk needs your support to continue to make content, Here is how you can support Entertainment Talk. Patreon Patreon is a service where you can support Entertainment Talk for as little as $1 per month and Read More