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When Could There Be A Justice League 2?

By Matthew Nemeth With certain actors and actresses either out of the DCEU, in the DCEU or elsewhere.. I try to do a rough bit of Maths to work out after each next solo Justice League members Films, when could Read More

Could The DC Universe Shows Move To The WarnerMedia Streaming Service?

By Matthew Nemeth Could The DC Universe shows possibly move to The Warner Media Streaming Service? For the ad-free version of our podcasts check our patreon page, There’s also rewards on there that you can redeem. Ad-Free Podcast. click here Read More

Different Lego Posters 

By Matthew Nemeth   My favourite here is the flash and arrow one but they are all very cool and makes me think about what lego films we could see in the future entertainmenttalk.org@etalkukentertainmenttalk@hotmail.compatreon.com/entertainmenttalk