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Days Gone Review SPOILER-FREE

By Matthew Nemeth I am back to talk about Days Gone on PlayStation 4 with a spoiler-free review For the ad-free version of our podcasts check our patreon page, There’s also rewards on there that you can redeem. Ad-Free Podcast. Read More

State Of Decay 2 Review – Xbox One

By Robert Yocum State of Decay 2: A Week in Review The first State of Decay came out of nowhere. It was an Xbox Live Arcade game that I really wish I could remember how I heard of it. I Read More

State Of Decay 2 Review – Xbox One – Spoiler-Free: Not what i wanted

By Matthew Nemeth My review of State Of Decay 2 on Xbox One. After coming away from the game disappointed I’m left wondering and looking for what my Xbox One has to offer me next, Crackdown 3? will it be any Read More