The Closet: A Short Zombie/Horror Story

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The Closet: A Short Zombie/Horror Story

The audio/podcast listed here is a discussion on this short story, don’t listen to that before reading the story below. 

By Matthew Nemeth

The Closet: A Short Zombie/Horror Story is about a family of 3 surviving the start of the Zombie outbreak, the 3 characters are Elena, Michelle and Jack. Elena is a 10 year old girl living with her Mum and Dad, its the weekend, Dad is at work, Michelle and Elena are at home all living their normal lives. 

Suddenly Michelle and Elena hear a disturbance from the neighbours, a crash and a bang, neither of them think much of it and continue their normal day, Michelle is washing the dishes and Elena is playing with her toys, just then, Elena spots a strange looking person walking through the street coming towards the front door, Michelle still washing the dishes is making a little too much noise and appears to be attracting this strange looking person, the stranger approaches the front door making strange gnarling noises starts scratching and banging on the door. 

Elena at this point seems to be more concerned about the stranger than her Mum, Elena nervously and quietly says “Mum there is a strange man at the door”, “maybe he’s just had a little too much” Michelle replies, the stranger starts growling even louder and banging and scratching at the door. Elena raising her voice and lighty screaming “MUMMY!”, “ALRIGHT!” Michelle replies, Michelle opens the door and is immediatly attacked, Michelle overpowered by the stranger is bitten on the ankle, Michelle still wrestling with the stranger urges Elena to go and hide, Elena replies “But Mummy? are you sure?” 

“yes sweetheart, in the closet over there”, Elena does so. Michelle kicks the stranger against the wall and grabs the knife from the kitchen, falling over just as she does so because of her injured ankle, the stranger charges towards Michelle but she manages to stab him in the head and the 2 have a momment of relief, the threat is gone. 

Michelle realises that this is no normal injury and that she is going to bleed out, “Elena, sweetheart, I don’t think I’m going to be ok, you need to go and try to find your Dad or someone you can trust, but not the neighbours, don’t trust them”, “Mummy?” Elena replied, “I know this is all strange sweetheart but I need you to trust me and go find help” Elena is silent but begins to cry. 

“I don’t want you to see me like this sweetheart” Michelle says caringly to her daughter, Michelle then looks to the stranger and realises he doesn’t look normal and thinks back to his unusual growling, “I, I don’t want you to see me like him I need you to leave and get help, I’m going to try and move away from you, I don’t want you to see me like this” Elena is still crying but manages to reply “but, Mummy? I can’t” “yes you can sweetheart, I need you to be Mummy’s strong girl, there’s no time left, but before you go I want you to make sure to shut the door behind you, If I become like him you have to shut me in here, I love you” Michelle crawls around the corner and just before she ends her life to stop becoming like the stranger she hears “I love you too Mummy”. 

Some time passes but Elena is not able to move from the closet as she is still scared, she hears some growling and movement, its Michelle and she appears to be like the stranger, she spots Elena and approaches the closet, Elena terrified starts screaming but Michelle cannot get in, banging and growling at the closet door, Elena closes her eyes and covers her ears so she can’t see or hear her Mother and remembers everything her Mum told her, approaching the closet from her side Elena is trying to ready herself to push the closet door to push her Mother back, close the front door and run. 

Elena takes a deep breath closes her eyes for a momment, opens them again and shoves the door open, with Michelle now knocked to the floor Elena takes one last look at her Mother, slams the door behind her and runs. 

The End. 

I hope you enjoyed this short horror/zombie story, its the 1st story I’ve ever written. 

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