Top 5 Favourite Male Characters

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Top 5 Favourite Male Characters

By Natacha Gray

Hey, today’s article is a little different from my last. As a kind introduction to me. I’ll be letting you know who my top 5 favourite characters are. Each of them are so different in so many unique ways. So let’s dive in to see who’s featured and the reasons why.

5) Mr Gold aka Rumplestilskin
Rumplestilskin was one of the lead character’s in ABC’s Once Upon a Time. Rumplestilskin was often presented as a villain although in Once Upon a Time everyone’s story was much more complicated. Rumplestiltskin was a character who was dedicated and loyal to his family who always prided himself on having impeccable manners and lived for increasing his knowledge. Once Upon a Time shows Rumplestilskin go through an emotional rollercoaster as he struggles with the desire for more power, as well as attempting to maintain positive relationships with his family.
Rumplestilskin is one of my favourite characters because he’s not good nor evil. He’s represented as a man who at times makes selfish decisions to gain power, on the other hand, we witness Rumplestilskin do whatever he can to protect those he holds extremely precious to him.
4) Ivar The Boneless
Ivar the boneless is one of the leading characters in the TV Vikings. Ivar made his first appearance as a young boy however, as the seasons went on we saw Ivar transform into a strong leader who desired to live up to his Father Ragnar Lothbrook’s legacy. Ivar has experienced a lot of pain in his life due to his physical condition. However, considering it’s the difference of treatment that he experienced as a child that shaped him to be the man he becomes. Ivar is often easily angered and arrogant. However it’s obvious that among his flaws he’s very devoted to his family.  Ivar’s mental and physical strength in his upper body that perhaps makes him one of the more deadlier of all of Ragnarssons.
Ivar the boneless is one of my favourite characters because, despite Ivar’s flaws, he’s always determined to achieve his goals. Ivar can be seen as problematic however, he’s always entertaining to watch.  There’s also room to feel an ounce of sympathy towards the struggles that he’s faced. Which is why he’s made my list as one of my favourite characters.
3) Shaun Murphy.
Shaun Murphy is the lead male character in a Television series called The Good Doctor. The Good Doctor is one of the most unique Television programs television currently has to offer as it shows a young Autistic Surgeon with Savant syndrome tackle the working world as he pushes through the challenges that his life brings as he leans through interactions that he’s never encountered before. Despite the struggles that Shaun faces from one episode to the next, Shaun generally has a positive attitude throughout it all. Despite going through many traumatising moments as a young boy. However, he’s wary of forming deeper relationships due to the troubled relationships he had with his parents.
The reasons why Shaun Murphy is one of my favourite characters is because he shows that struggling with a disability doesn’t mean you have to give up on your dreams. No matter what people say if you’re determined enough, then you’re limitless. In today’s society, I think it’s a very important message to have in today’s society when we’re arguably more judgemental then ever.
2) Rick O’Connell
Rick O’Connell is the lead male character in the 1999 actor horror film played by the brilliant Fraiser, Rick O’Connell was a unique character of the time. The ex-convict gets a second chance at life as Evelyn Carnavon played by the iconic Rachel Weisz. Rick O’Connell was very much a man of action a true definition a shoot first think later kind of men. Rick was a man who could withhold a front often appearing very bold and self assure of himself, someone who couldn’t be scared at all. However, that wasn’t the case, in-fact Rick was very empathetic, as he falls in love with Evelyn you witness just how much he’ll protect the people who mean most to him.
Which is why I feel in love with Rick O’Connell. He’s a man who can be seen as very intimidating and ruthless when he needs to be, however, he’s a character that isn’t afraid to show his emotions towards Evelyn. There are many instances where you see just how much he cherishes their relationship whether it’s a simple I love you or a public display of affection. In Regards to Rick, he doesn’t care where he is or who he’s around if he wants to share a moment with Evelyn then that’s exactly what he’s going to do.
1) Porthos
Porthos is a character from Alexander Dumas’s iconic Musketeers. As a fan of the Novel, I was thrilled to become aware that the BBC was making a TV adaptation in 2014. Played by the brilliant Howard Charles. From the first episode, we were taken on a journey which included an equal balance of epic fight scenes and commodity. Each of the Musketeers has something different to offer however, it was Porthos that immediately caught my eye. I immediately fell in love with Porthos. Porthos is a character who tends to make decisions primarily from his emotions. By following his emotions and his heart he followed his path. For example, when the Musketeers encountered Emile Bonnaire, who he later discovered was a slave trader. Porthos was determined to see Emile Bonnaire ensure some sort of punishment despite knowing that in that period Slavery was considered to be a very normal thing, however, Porthos’s Mother was a slave. Porthos had witnessed his Mother’s trials and tribulations before she was freed and came to France which could be argued as to why he’s shaped himself to the man he became.
Porthos is overall a balanced character whilst he’s fearless, determined sometimes precarious and quick-tempered. He’s also extremely kind and loyal to those who matter the most to him. The key reason why I love Porthos as much as I do is that he’s unapologetic for the way he feels. He’s was very entertaining and at points comical which is why Porthos is featured on this list.
So what did you think of my Top 5? Agree or disagree? Let me us know in the comments below.

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