Top 5 TV Series Intro Sequences

By Matthew Nemeth

5. 24

It may be short but its short and sweet and certainly gets you pumped and ready for the next hour of action, plus the way the logo slowly sort of bleeds in and then just let’s go is very cool.

4. Breaking Bad

Again short and sweet but doesn’t it just give you chills? Plus it is the intro to the best tv show ever made.

3. House Of Cards

I like the way this intro is done outside as in showing that this show involves other countries (not specifically in intro) and it just gives the sense of how big the House Of Cards world is, The Music is awesome too and I also like the way the traffic moves really fast in a transition from day to night, plus there are some nice looking locations too.

2. Game Of Thrones

It’s just awesome, showing the locations in a 3d style map and the way it transitions between each place and updates name ECT as it goes along. The logo at the end looks cool and the music at the music is just phenomenal

1. Hollyoaks

The British Soap Hollyoaks is probably the least known of all of these shows but the newest Hollyoaks intro is amazing, showing most of the characters and in iconic locations as well with just a really amazing stylish effect, including showing couples together (because that just simply makes sense) and the bigger families together, plus it gets you pumped for the episode with a very nice tune. add to the fact that characters go in and out of this show a lot and they do a great job keeping that up to date too

Honorable mentions

The Simpsons

The Flash

The Walking Dead



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