Video Games Awesome Live Are AWESOME !

By Matthew Nemeth

A few months back i stumbled across the set of videos from Video Games Awesome Live also known as Far From Subtle, the videos where from the Xbox One launch (oh Microsoft you really fucked up). but what caught my eye immediately was their set up which.. you guessed it AWESOME. For starters i have no idea how this set up is done but have however seen these two images which show some interesting and complicated things about their set up, Wow again pretty awesome. The ability to have a sofa which also slides in and out of the screen between breaks/segments (how is that done)?, people, a live chat, side image, another three people behind and a screen for whatever they are playing or watching to me is quite extraordinary and must have been a hell of a job to figure out and set up.

Here is the set-up photo i found.


For the second picture no matter what i did i could not get the picture in this article, so just check the first ten seconds or so of this video


Fraser Agar/Frage


Fraser appears to be the main one for the shows being the one with the controller and the one playing the games and making the jokes. There is one specific thing i find interesting about Fraser. He isn’t incredibly well informed about the gaming industry, BUT he always does say he does not read gaming news and is in fact infuriated by it (i don’t blame you), So seeing him guess stuff about games based off his best judgment and what he actually knows is always good fun especially when the chat is both wrong and right. Whatever you think of Fraser he is certainly interesting and fun to watch.

Some Fraser Highlights




Fraser’s Girlfriend ? Fraser’s Wife ? that part isn’t  exactly clear. Becky is the one that makes the other parts of the show special, She’s funny, She is there for Fraser i mean Frage, Once she took over the show without Fraser doing much about it here’s that video

and shes the one with the lists at the game awards and at times the funnier one (sorry Fraser).

She also gets scared sometimes too

She also had a scary time with VR

Deacon, Ben and Kyle

These guys are pretty cool too and are most often seen on “Show and Trailer” and “four play friday”. Ben is my favorite of the 3 guys as he’s the funniest and comes out with the best one liners ect, Here are some highlights of of them.




So these guys are AWESOME. There Funny and very entertaining to watch and their videos have gotten me through some tough times.


Keep being AWESOME guys !

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