Why Breaking Bad Is The Best TV Show

By Matthew Nemeth

After several Emmy wins and nominations Breaking Bad has been nothing short of a raging success. From its simply incredible acting, directing, writing and what stands out to me, It’s consistently good storytelling with an incredible lack of filler. Breaking Bad had hardly if any filler, Even considering the famous fly episode which some fans saw as a waste of time or filler, This particular episode is clearly strong character development and character relationship development in probably the best bottle episode at least that I have seen.

Granted I can be wrong of course, I have not seen some of the greats such as Mad Men, The Wire or the sadly short-lived Firefly, as well as Sons Of Anarchy. From the best pilot episode i have seen to mysteriously awesome and personally, I think best in TV cold open’s, To an incredibly satisfying finale. Breaking Bad also had the perfect run of 5 Seasons with a nice 13 episodes per season at least for its middle seasons, It simply doesn’t feel dragged out or too quick, your not specifically annoyed by waiting for something to happen during the course of the season, All of Breaking Bad’s during season mysteries are just nicely paced and mysterious enough not to annoy you, Sure you had season and mid-season cliffhangers but what show doesn’t ? that’s part of TV, My point is that none of them felt annoying.

On a slightly different note the great thing about Vince Gilligan, The show’s creator always seemed like he had a vision, Length of seasons and ultimately how he wanted the show to end and it happened so cleanly. Sure the first season for apparently cut a little short and the story changed but even after I found that I didn’t feel like it harmed the show, sure the story change that could have happened would have drastically changed the show, but I feel like Vince always just had a vision and I have faith that it would have still been ok. Did it help that i watched the entire show over the course of around 2-3 months so that mid – season and season cliffhangers where not a problem for me ? maybe, but then again it also depends on how you consume content.

So ultimately I feel the show is the most consistent, best acted ect etc. It was just the right length in terms of seasons and episodes and i feel that it just helps to have a complete version of your story already in your head and that is thanks to Vince. Of course this is just my opinion, How do you feel about Breaking Bad ? Let me know by using the information below or commenting. All of Breaking Bad is on Netflix in the UK

Rating 10/10… Obviously

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