4 Developers I Would Like To See Make A Star Wars Video Game

By Matthew Nemeth

With the recent failure from EA to make a good, simple and compelling Star Wars video game here are a few developers i would like to see make a successful one instead

CD Project Red


Yes, the amazing team behind the incredible The Witcher 3. Imagine The Witcher 3, now just replace the Witcher part of it and put in Star Wars, the sword fighting would just be with lightsabers and the way you use signs could be different force powers. Do i really need to say anything else? CD Project Red has proven they can make a gamble, loot box free compelling game and a game with quality and quantity, i think i have made my point. CD Project Red would personally be my ideal developer to do this.



Yes, Ubisoft are not the greatest video game company ever but they have made a lot of great games that i have cared about. Watch Dogs 2, Rainbow Six Siege, Assassin’s Creed Origins, Far Cry and The Trials series (but not Trials Of The Blood Dragon, that was terrible). But they have shown enough to me that they could pull it off if they mix in different elements of some of the games i have mentioned i would be happy to play it.



Do i actually need to say anything? From GTA 5 to Red Dead Redemption To La Noire, Rockstar has pulled off great game after great game time and time again. Imagine a fully open-world Star Wars game with the quality of games mentioned above and what about if you could use GTA 5’s character switching element with lots of different Star Wars characters, i don’t think i need to say anything else.

Naughty Dog 


Just look at the games in this picture, are any of them bad, like at all? NO. Crash Bandicoot is hard and annoying but also rewarding, but all of these are excellent games. Imagine if somehow Amy Henning could come back to Naughty Dog (i can’t remember the reason she left) and made the Star Wars game she was supposed to be doing at EA (EA has said this game will be given a “new direction” but we all know what that means) a linear story-driven Star Wars game with Last Of Us/Uncharted type gameplay or perhaps without Amy and a similar idea for that game? Naughty Dog could at least make something similar and probably still better than whatever EA has in mind.

Do you agree with my list? who would you like to see make a Star Wars game? and let’s hope Disney does take the license from EA soon.




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