Star Trek Discovery 111 'The Wolf Inside' Review – Netflix

By Matthew Nemeth

Star Trek Discovery continues this week with 111 The Wolf Inside On CBS and Netflix and it was a pretty good one even if some things are still confusing to me as a Star Trek newbie but it’s kind of ok as we are only 11 episodes and i  didn’t expect to know much more at this point.

star trek 111 2

So Tyler’s story continued in this week’s episode and it was cool but i want to see it really go somewhere and don’t get me wrong, i think it will, but i guess this is being saved or savored for something else? I’m not sure but it’s still very interesting i just hope it doesn’t drag itself out too much, but, i do think Tyler is on the edge of breaking and doing some really bad things, you know, like the last episode.

Star-Trek-Discovery space

I don’t usually notice things like this but this episode looked gorgeous, this was maybe the 1st time it felt like Star Trek was actually in space and not just another show on another set, there was certain shots in this episode where it just stood out to me and really helped with my immersion and i really appreciate that.

star trek other girl.png

So a hologram of Philippa Georgiou appears at the end of this episode and gives a commander speech of sorts, big twist? maybe? it just didn’t really work on me, if this is meant to tell me the character is alive then it just didn’t work for me. However, if it’s a legacy Princess Leia type hologram that has been left behind then it’s a better reveal. The strange thing is that if she is alive or dead i don’t even mind i just think that the show wanted me to be more shocked and i’m just not, but i’m not disappointed either.

Overall i still like the episode and feel this was perhaps a setup/build up episode which is fine, you have to do that to naturally set up the next plot which i guess is going to involve some mixture of Phillipa soft of return and Tyler’s……. whatever is going on there, space PTSD?

rating 8/10



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