American Horror Story Cult: 701 Election Night Review FX

By Edward Petty

American Horror Story returned for its seventh season Cult on FX for 701 Election Night

The 2016 election, and it’s controversial, derisive and divisive outcome, played a part in season 7’s opening episode. It showed how two people, one of whom is Ally Mayfair-Richards (who’s played by AHS stalwart Sarah Paulson), dealt with Donald John Trump’s surprising victory over Hillary Rodham Clinton, who would’ve become America’s first female President. Ally’s fear and paranoia wasn’t solely rooted in thoughts of what might happen to the United States as a country with Trump in power as Commander-in-Chief. It becomes exacerbated when she see clowns. Who doesn’t have some sort of aversion to clowns, anyhow?

Evan Peters, who plays Kai Anderson, is a non-conformist and a staunch Trump supporter. I don’t believe that I’d be giving too much plot line away by saying that Kai Anderson simulates having sex with the TV after hearing reporters say that Trump wins.

This review will be short, so as not to spoil things, yet this season’s already shaping up to be, dare I say it, epic and, yes, horrific.

Alison Pill plays Ally’s wife, who’s Ivy Mayfair-Winters.

Billie Lourd
portrays Winter Anderson, who’s Ally and Ivy’s nanny for their son, who’s named Oz.

Chaz Bono
plays Gary Longstreet.

Cheyenne Jackson
returns to the AHS fold to portray Dr. Rudy Vincent, who’s Ally’s psychiatrist.

Colton Haynes
plays Detective Samuels.
And, yes, John Carroll Lynch reprises his season 4 FREAKSHOW role as Twisty the Clown.

Other notable names include Adina Porter, who’s a reporter, Billy Eichner, whose character’s named Harrison Wilton, Leslie Grossman, who’s Meadow Wilton (are these two characters brother and sister, husband and wife, or some other relation? It’s as yet unclear). Lena Dunham bows into the series for a one-episode stint as Valerie Solanas, Emma Roberts’s character’s named Serina Belinda and Frances Conroy, who some people speculated would be unable to return due to her prior commitments to the television series that’s called THE MIST, will return, as will Mare Winningham.

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