American Horror Story Cult 704 11/9 Review FX

By Edward Petty

On this week’s American Horror Story on FX Ally and Ivy Mayfair-Richards (Sarah Paulson and Alison Pill), along with all others who’re in this season’s cast, minus Harrison and Meadow (Billy Eichner and Leslie Grossman), are seen at a polling station eager to “be part of history”, as Ivy says. Gary Longstreet (Chaz Bono) is seen walking inside to cast his vote, too, but with Kai (Evan Peters)’s help, because he’s bleeding.

Cut then to Kai who’s at the gym, meeting with Harrison. Kai enlists Harrison’s help as his weight trainer, yet with an ulterior motive. Harrison was given menial janitorial duties by his boss, and, as Kai sees it, Harrison should teach his boss who’s boss, or, in other words, stand up to his delegations of mopping up the steam room’s floor and other certain sticky and stinky places. Harrison’s manipulated by Kai to take his, Kai’s power, to take control of his life again. Harrison walks up to his boss, who’s bench-pressing, and stifles him from barking any orders at him in the future accordingly. Meadow unintentionally walks inside the bathroom where Kai’s instructing Harrison on how best to sever a head. It’s apparently a bloody operation

Beverly Hope (Adina Porter) reports on finding a headless torso at a landfill. Her reporting rival, who’s Serena Belinda (Emma Roberts) is meanwhile working the rounds, and doing whatever and whomever (head newsman Bob Thompson (Dermot Mulroney) included) she can, to rise up in the ranks. It’s revealed how Beverly was institutionalized for a while after going berzerk during news reports where passersby would shout a certain Presidential candidate’s widely reported obscenity. Kai later recruits Beverly into his clutches. I should mention now that Harrison, Kai and Meadow are revealed to be the masked clowns who terrorized Ally in previous episodes, and who take care of Serena Belinda and her unfortunate cameraman in a later scene.

Later, and lastly, for this episode, Winter (Billie Lourd) sees Ivy being sexually assaulted by Gary. She and Ivy restrain Gary in a basement. Kai walks in and influences Gary to take drastic action in cutting off his left hand in order to be able to go to the polling station with Kai to cast his vote.

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