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By Edward Petty

American Horror Story Cult episode 9 Drink The Kool-Aid on FX and Fox

Evan Peters has shone in four roles, as Heaven’s Gate cult leader Marshall Herff Applewhite, Jr., Branch Davidians cult leader David Koresh and People Temple cult leader Jim Jones aside from playing Kai Anderson. Kai essentially tells all his followers that the must “drink the Kool-Aid” in order to pass on to a higher existence, or plane of understanding. Winter (Billie Lourd) asks, “Who’s Jim Jones?”, after hearing Kai mention his name. Beverly (Adina Porter) tells Winter that Jim Jones poisoned Kool-Aid which a lot of his followers drank out of loyalty to him. Kai yells, “Drink!” to one follower who refuses to do so, and who’s shot by Gary Longstreet (Chaz Bono). All the cultist who remains drink their own portions of the Kool-Aid, which they all presume was poisoned. Kai, though, didn’t poison the Kool-Aid, because, he says that dead people can’t vote for him. He’s running for Senate.

Ally and Ivy are soon talking about escaping the cult, but doing so by taking little with them in case taking too much with them might be a giveaway. Winter shows them that she’s downloaded ways to escape a cult from WikiHow.

Ally and Ivy later go to pick up Oz his school so that he can leave with them. Ally tells Ivy that Oz isn’t at the school. Ally tells Ivy that Winter took him, and that she wasn’t alone. Ally and Ivy find Oz sitting at a table in the basement of Kai and Winter’s parent’s house. He’s about to drink Kool-Aid, which Ally knocks out of his hand. Kai’s told Oz a secret by now. Kai left sperm at the sperm bank where Ally was “turkey basted”, as Kai so crudely put it. Kai assumes that he’s Oz’s father. Ally doesn’t agree with that Kai’s assumption. She learns, after begging a sperm-clinic receptionist for information, that another one of the cultists, who Kai nicknamed “Speedwagon”, is Oz’s father. She asks the receptionist to do her one last favor.

Ally soon confronts Ivy, telling her over a dinner of pasta and red wine that she’s cured. Ivy balks at this, saying that Ally will surely revert back to being a coward. Ally tells Ivy that spent a lot of her time while she was locked up plotting revenge: on her. Ally hadn’t eaten any of the pasta, nor had she drank any of the red wine. Ally had laced Ivy’s pasta and red wine with arsenic. Ally’s final words to Ivy were that she wanted only to have Oz all to herself and that she wanted to watch Ivy die.

Ally fixes Manwiches again, and Kai eats his heartily as Ally tells him that she poisoned Ivy. Kai says that he had Ally figured as weaker than that, and he asks her why he’s still alive. Ally tells him that Oz needs his father.

Ally and Kai drag Ivy’s lifeless body into his parent’s bedroom, where Kai covers it with lye. He says to Ally, who’s been reunited with Oz, who’s there with them, that now they all can be a family.

American Horror Story Cult episode 10, Charles Manson in Charge on FX and Fox

This episode opens on the night of the final Presidential debate, October 19, 2016. Winter (Billie Lourd) and two of her friends are sitting on the couch watching TV, and Winter predicts that Hillary’s going to flip Texas and possibly Arizona, which will cause a great Electoral College defeat. Kai (Evan Peters), who’s also in the room and listening to the conversation, tells the three women that the only way that people win is by getting votes. He says that people hate Hillary, from her inability to satisfy her husband to the sound of her voice. This section of the scene ends after Kai slaps one of Winter’s friend’s faces because she emasculated him. Kai’s seen two weeks later in an anger-management session with Bebe Babbitt (Frances Conroy). Bebe essentially tells Kai that Donald J. Trump’s slowly releasing all the dammed-up frustration of many in all that he does, yet that his (Kai’s) purpose is to impregnate women so that they all might give birth to their rage.

Scene two opens with a rally at which Kai’s speaking. He’s riled up the ire of a few there who shout, “No Nazi, no KKK, no fascist USA!” at him and others, Gary K. Longstreet (Chaz Bono) among them. Kai tells cultist “Speedwagon” that the feds hate him, and that they’ve agitated the resistance against him. Someone throws urine on Gary, and someone else maces Kai. Ally (Sarah Paulson) and Kai later find Winter inside the ice cream truck scrubbing it down. They find her there only because of the music-track that the truck uses malfunctions and won’t turn off. The women are left behind to disguise the ice cream truck. Winter asks Ally if Ivy (Alison Pill) was in pain when she died. Ally tells Winter that it might not have been Kai who killed Ivy. Kai soon starts to extol a so-called “lesson from the master” on all his followers. He tells them all about the “Manson Family” murder frenzy in what cultist “Heart Attack” cheerily calls “Story Time”. He speaks about how Charles Manson (who’s played by Evan Peters later in the episode) manipulated many of his followers to kill many people (actress Sharon Tate and husband and wife “Leno” and Rosemary LaBianca among them) in a “Helter Skelter” spree on August 9th and 10th of 1969. Billy Eichner and Leslie Grossman return in the episode to play “Family” members Charles “Tex” Watson and Patricia Krenwinkle. Linda Kasabian is played here by Billie Lourd, and Susan “Sadie” Atkins is portrayed by Sarah Paulson.

The next scene finds Gary K. Longstreet being confronted inside an abortion clinic where he’d gone with a few other nicknamed cohorts to retrieve a list of women who’re all waiting for late-term abortions. Gary tells Kai that he looks forward to participating in “The Night of a Thousand Tates”. Kai tells Gary that he’s important to that mission, yet as a victim. Kai watches as cultists stab Gary to death. Gary’s later found outside the abortion clinic with a sign near him that ironically reads, “Stop the Slaughter”. Breaking News of Gary’s death is delivered by Beverly Hope (Adina Porter). She interviews Kai who “sells” Gary’s death as being motivated by violent zealots who’re called “The Wolf Warriors”, themselves being emboldened by Kai’s political nemesis, who’s Senator Herbert Jackson. Winter later tells Beverly that she should escape. Winter offers Beverly a train ticket to Butte, Montana. Beverly refuses to take the train ticket, telling Winter that she vows to be Kai’s “loyal follower until the end.”.

Kai becomes more and more paranoid in scene four, telling Ally that he can hear a buzzing in rooms and that there must be a mole in the group. Kai first sees his brother awaken from his death-sleep, and then Rudy, who Kai calls Vincent here, gets run through with a knife by an illusion of the then-alive Charles Manson. Charles Manson says that Kai must root out the Judas. Charles tells Kai that his Judas was Linda and that most women can’t be trusted. Ally knocks on Kai’s parents’ bedroom’s door to tell him that she found the so-called “bug”. Bebe shows up at the door to call out Kai for being a disappointment for not “unleashing female rage” well enough to uphold Valerie Solanis’s intentions. Ally shoots Bebe in the head, and Charles Manson tells Kai not to worry about Bebe being the mole.

Winter’s next seen shaving Kai. She tells him that she’ll be around when all his other followers leave him, yet she needs to get away from him now because all that she sees in him is the terror. Kai agrees to let Winter go, and suggests that she should go to Butte, Montana. He’s figured out that she’s the mole, and he takes out his revenge on her by violently strangling her to death in the episode’s final scene.

American Horror Story Cult Season Episode 11 Great Again on FX and Fox

This finale episode opens with Kai (Evan Peters) inside a maximum security prison in Jackson, Mississippi in 2018. Two inmates tell him that he’s upsetting the so-called “natural order” with his “silver tongue”. Kai insults one of the inmates’ mothers, he and Kai fight and the other inmate, who’s named Archie, stabs his fellow inmate in the back in allegiance to Kai. Kai then sees an illusion of Charles Manson telling Kai to warn Archie about what his allegiance to Kai means. Archie agrees to be killed as a martyr. Kai stabs Archie in his jugular vein.

Kai’s later visited in the prison yard by 19-year-old Trevor Geary, who’s serving 25 years for cowardly, as Kai says, killing someone while driving drunk. Trevor came to Kai to get protection while inside the prison. Kai tells Trevor that he was sold out by a rat 11 months earlier. Kai and Ally are then seen, as Kai tells his followers that “The Night of a Thousand Tates” is downgraded to “The Night of a Hundred Tates”. Ally tells Beverly (Adina Porter), who herself asks Ally to kill her because she can’t be a part of Kai’s madness anymore, to wait until tomorrow night’s “glorious” outcome. Ally then tells Kai that it wasn’t Winter who betrayed him as the mole, it was “Speedwagon”, who Ally stabs in the neck while she’s inside the car confronting him over being the mole. Ally then sends in an army of FBI agents to ambush cultists and capture Kai. Kai screams and vows to kill Ally as he’s put inside an FBI transport truck.

Ally’s greeting guests inside The Butchery in the next scene. Beverly enters the restaurant looking for a table. Beverly tells Ally that Kai plead guilty to everything to avoid going to trial. Ally isn’t surprised given Kai’s narcissism. Ally tells Beverly that the FBI contacted her while she was inside the psychiatric ward, offering her immunity for information on Kai. Beverly says that Kai confessed to all murders except Ivy’s, saying the Ally killed Ivy in revenge for all that she had taken from Ally. Beverly understands how a woman could feel such rage that she kills her spouse for feeling so betrayed, yet she tells Ally that she believes her joining Kai’s cult in order to save Ivy and Oz. Ally’s relieved, and she introduces Beverly to her new girlfriend, who’s called Erika. Ally tells Beverly that she doesn’t want to be a grieving widow in mourning for all her life. She vows to keep living.

Kai calls Ally while she’s at Oz’s birthday party. He tells her that he and his army are coming for her, although he’s still in prison. Kai tells Ally that she’s a dead woman. Kai later sees Ally on television announcing that she’s running for Senator of Michigan.

Ally’s sitting and watching her political ad in the next scene. She wonders why she’s still trailing in the polls. Beverly suggests that Ally debate publicly with Senator Jackson to further strengthen what some pollsters see as lackluster experience. Kai’s then seen in the prison where Trevor meets with him, now with a shaved head and tattoos matching Kai’s. Kai kills Trevor, who he’s nicknamed “Rim Shot”, mutilating his face so that he can’t be recognized as anyone other than Kai. Prison guard Gloria, who aligned herself with Kai earlier in the episode, walks outside the prison’s gate with Kai.

The penultimate scene sees Ally at the debate with Senator Jackson. Kai’s at the debate, too. He confronts Ally. He tells her that she symbolizes hope for women winning. He tells her that women can’t win, and that women should forever remain subservient to men. Although Kai tries to shoot Ally, there are no bullets inside the gun that he has. Kai turns to see Gloria standing nearby. Ally had talked with Gloria earlier. Gloria told Ally that all Kai’s “Devine Ruler” bull turns her off. Ally tells Kai that “nasty women” are more dangerous than humiliated men. Beverly then shoots Kai in the head. Ally wins her Senate seat with 80 percent of the female vote.

This episode’s final scene sees Ally putting Oz to bed. She explains to Oz that she’s going to work as Senator to try to make the world a better place for him. She leaves Oz to sleep with his Twisty the clown doll in order to meet with what she calls “powerful, empowered women”. Ally’s then seen in front of a mirror getting ready to leave, raising a green hood, which leads one to speculate that all those “powerful, empowered women” that she’s meeting with might be witches.

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