Channel 5 Need To Rebrand And Here Is How They Can Do It

By Matthew Nemeth

From relying on Big Brother for months on end to delaying Gotham for months and months with no explanation to just having everything else on their channel be absolute rubbish, Channel 5 need to rebrand desperately, Here is what they could do.

Come out and explain what happened with Gotham or like, Something?


Gotham has basically been non-existent on Channel 5 for over a year now (season 3) and all Channel 5 has come out and said is that it is “coming soon” we are now in August 2017 and still we have heard nothing, It is now the case that the DVD will be out before Channel 5 has the chance to broadcast it. Also, The 3rd season will be coming to Netflix in the UK in early September, At this point, Channel 5 is either never going to say anything about the show and it will probably end up on Netflix as a weekly thing? Well, this has happened many times with shows such as Suits, Jane The Virgin and a few others. My guess is that we will never see Gotham on 5 again.

They are far too reliant on Big Brother


Whether you like this show for some reason or if you don’t like it is not what I’m getting at with this, Nor am I going to spend any time bashing on the show (we would be here for too long if I did) I’m simply stating that time and time again Big Brother has consistently been on Channel 5 for the last few months, I also realise that they went from Big Brother this year almost straight into “Celebrity” Big Brother this year. Isn’t that just a little much? Did viewers not get burned out? The show is also on for an hour with their Bit On The Side show following after for another hour.

Did Channel 5 put so much Big Brother on because 1 They didn’t have Gotham this year and because 2 They really don’t have anything else on? Big Brother is on 2 hours a day (sometimes more) with their Bit On The Side programme included in this and it is also on at the weekends, That’s a lot of Big Brother don’t you think? If you are a fan of the show maybe you really like that? Or maybe you are getting burned out? Let me know.

A big lack of good original content and a lack of imported shows from the US


Channel 5 just have not lived up to decent standards in terms of this. I’ll give them a bit of credit for shows like Impractical Jokers and  Borderline, But other than that they have had shows such as Can’t Pay? We’ll Take It Away, Police Interceptors and a couple of other things that I never hear anyone talk about. They need to look at some of the smaller Channels in the US and pick up a few shows from there, Perhaps places such as MTV, CBS, NBC and maybe something like ABC these are Channels that do tend to have 20+ episode seasons of shows and could nicely fill up their calendar a bit more. Then maybe find a way of getting original content too, that would really help.

So as you can see I’m not trying to bash on or hate Channel 5, I’m just trying to throw some advice out there in places where they are overdoing it and places where they are just lacking, Do you agree with me? How do you think Channel 5 could improve? Or do you think they don’t need to? Let me know.

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