Discussion: Crash Bandicoot Vs Super Mario

By Matthew Nemeth

Crash Bandicoot Vs Super Mario. This will be a comparison between 2 very popular platforming games and which does what better and worse, if you have been following the site for a while i think you know what my answer will be, But the question is why. I’ll be comparing 3 different parts of the games. Gameplay, rewards and level design. This is all, of course, open for debate and discussion so let me know using the Email, Twitter, Facebook links and more listed below who you prefer and why, but 1st below are both links to my review of the recent Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy on PlayStation 4 and the most recent Mario game, Super Mario Odyssey on Nintendo Switch.

Super Mario Odyssey Review

Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy Review

The Rewards Systems

Crash collects crystals and gems, Mario collects moons and coins. To me Crash collecting the crystals, throwing them up in the air and doing the Crash dance easily beats Mario’s little celebration here. Mario’s little jump up in the air is basic, quick and just meh and yes i know Mario has the alternate float in the air and slowly spin around thing, but it’s still boring. here are videos below showing all the different things i have listed here.

There is another version of this that is much shorter when you collect some of the other moons, but i was not able to find the video.

This is the multi moon celebration, usually, for defeating bosses, the Crash dance is still better.


This is where the differences start to me, Mario can jump on the heads of certain enemies, so can Crash, both of them can’t jump on certain enemies. But the difference here is in the running and the different actions available. Crash can spin, Mario can throw his cap or “Cappy” but i felt when playing Mario Odyssey that he had a lack of close range attack and did often find myself stuck with throwing Cappy or getting lucky with a jump on an enemies head, both of which at times were very awkward options.

Crash, on the other hand, i felt his spin was more reliable and of course help with beating a level via the navigation of the excellent tornado spin. Crash’s abilities or powers from Crash 3 Warped are what majorly sets him apart from Mario to me, with the much faster running, the bazooka, tornado spin and double jump.

So yes, again here, Crash is better for me. He has more things he can do in terms of enemy attacks and, well, just has better abilities even with the addition of Cappy.

Well, i was going to put in another set of videos here demonstrating all of Crash and Mario’s attacks but i can’t find one simple enough.

Finally, Level Design.

There’s a clear difference here, Crash has what can be considered as having “corridor” levels while Mario’s levels are much more open. Neither game has any levels are particularly special other than the Metro Kingdom and the musical parade both of which are amazing, however, they are both short and sweet. However Crash doesn’t have many levels which are on the graphical and design scale as this in Mario, but i did enjoy more of Crash’s levels on an average scale, so i guess Crash has lots of average levels and Mario has one amazing level with the rest of them being pretty bad and i didn’t enjoy most of them. So i guess this could be a case of quantity over quality with Crash having more levels that i liked as opposed to Mario having just one.

So what do you think? Who do you like more? Which has the better of the 3 areas i mentioned? Let me know using our Email, Facebook, Twitter and more below.

Lastly, i’d like to give a shoutout to Caddy over at Caddicarus. In June 2018 he did a whole month of videos dedicated to Crash Bandicoot and it was amazing, you can check out his channel here




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