Playstation Now – Is It Worth The Money?

By Amanda, @SwansongWriter

Playstation Now came to UK PS4’s on 7th March 2015. For those who don’t know, Playstation Now is a streaming service provided by Sony which allows you to stream PS3 games straight to your PS4. The service costs £12.99 a month and you have access to a catalogue of hundreds of games. It’s a great idea but is it worth the money? Let’s take a look…

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I signed up to Playstation Now a few months ago and being very busy I wondered if it would be worth the money. Initially I signed up for the seven-day free trial but I then decided to sign up for the monthly payment. The first good thing about this service is that it’s not a contract. You can cancel so in the event you realise a couple of months later you’re not using it or you need to reign in the spending, you’re not tied in! I found that I really enjoyed the whole service with lots of games on offer such as Journey, Uncharted series 1-3, Last of Us and the God of War series to name but a few.

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One down side is that there is no search function and so it can be frustrating to have seen a game previously that you want to play but then have to scroll through hundreds of games to find it. Your recently played however come up on your Playstation Home screen and in list of its own in the Playstation Now app so it’s easy to find what you’ve already played.

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Now to the cost. £12.99 a month is a reasonably expensive premium but I’m not saying the service isn’t worth it. It’s just with some games having a release price of £75 and with the DLC culture, gaming is becoming more expensive so some people may choose to opt out on this basis alone. Something else to bear in mind is that if you’re a busy person, chances are you won’t get much gaming time. My boyfriend and I split the cost which makes it cheaper but if you choose to do this, you will need to be OK with someone else playing on your profile.

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There is however an option for people who use the same console. If one person is paying for the subscription and you allow other people to play your games on the same console in the Playstation settings, all you need to do is start the game in the profile which is signed up and then switch to your own profile and BOOM – you have access to that game.

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I would however say that they are always adding new games and if like me, you get the urge to buy something new every so often, it definitely gives you the option to play something new without the expense of a new release. AND you can also play through your computer/laptop which I think is pretty cool!

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I personally love this service and can’t imagine cancelling any time soon. I would say that if you won’t have time to play it all that much or you’re not massively bothered about playing older games, then maybe it’s not for you. Buy hey, it’s definitely worth signing up for the free 7 days. It is an automatic renewal though so if you don’t intend to carry on the subscription, remember to cancel at the end of the free period as even if there’s not enough money in your Playstation wallet, it will be taken from the card registered to the account.

Happy gaming!

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