Review Of PlayStation 4’s 2018

By Matthew Nemeth

The PlayStation 4 had an excellent if slightly controversial 2018, with the 3 big releases of the year in Detroit, God Of War and Spider-Man, let’s not, however, forget the controversial situation with crossplay and just why it took Sony so long to get on board even with just Fortnite. It was an incredibly strange and controversial move on Sony’s part to not allow that from the moment that Fortnite was announced for Switch. Sony deserved to be called out for it but at least Sony finally agreed to do it.

In terms of games, PlayStation 4 had another excellent year with 2 Game Of The Year Nominees and one of them being crowned Game Of The Year over this year’s massive Rockstar release with Red Dead Redemption 2.

The fact that not only did Spider-Man and God Of War 2 of PlayStation 4’s biggest games actually compete with each other for Game Of The Year but one of them actually beat Red Dead Redemption 2 for the big award really goes to show the strength in the PlayStation 4’s Video Game catalogue. But let’s not forget Detroit Become Human, My 2nd favourite game of the year.

A few other notable things are Sony’s announcement of finally being able to change your PSN name in 2019 even if it is in the form of a Beta, it shows that outside of the Crossplay controversy Sony is still trying with some things.

I’m of course really looking forward to the PlayStation 4’s next big 3 games Death Stranding, Ghost Of Tsushima and The Last Of 2 and the eventual release of PlayStation 5, but we don’t when any of this is happening.


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