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Review Of Nintendo Switch’s 2018

By Matthew Nemeth The Nintendo Switch had a great 2018 and laid some great groundwork for the future with finally having 2 big releases that go hand in hand, Super Smash Bros Ultimate and Nintendo Switch online. The Switch’s online Read More

Review Of PlayStation 4’s 2018

By Matthew Nemeth The PlayStation 4 had an excellent if slightly controversial 2018, with the 3 big releases of the year in Detroit, God Of War and Spider-Man, let’s not, however, forget the controversial situation with crossplay and just why it Read More

Review Of Xbox One’s 2018

By Matthew Nemeth The Xbox One had an average 2018, with less notable exclusives than 2017, and with games such as PUGB ending up on the rival PlayStation 4 platform. This year we had Sea Of Thieves, State Of Decay Read More

The Rebirth Of Spider-Man

By Matthew Nemeth Today I am here to talk about the rebirth of a character that means a lot to me, Spider-Man. In 2017 and 2018 the character was, you could say, given a rebirth of sorts. From the Spider-Man Read More

Spider-Man: ‘The City That Never Sleeps’ DLC Spoiler-Free Review PlayStation 4

By Matthew Nemeth Spider-Man’s ‘The City That Never Sleeps’ DLC concluded today on December 21st 2018 and was the 3rd and final piece of the DLC’s story. But how was it? well, it had a very strong start, ok middle Read More

A Review Of The PlayStation 4's 2017

By Matthew Nemeth So the PlayStation 4 has had quite the opposite¬†year to it’s Microsoft competitor the Xbox One, While PlayStation perhaps lacks the power in the PlayStation 4 Pro unlike the Xbox One X, the PlayStation 4 has had Read More

How Microsoft's Xbox One Has Fallen Behind Sony's PlayStation 4 And Continues To Fall

By Matthew Nemeth So we are nearly 4 years into the current generation of gaming with Sony‘s PlayStation 4 and Microsoft‘s Xbox One. The Xbox One has massively fallen behind PlayStation 4 this generation, But why? Of course, it all Read More

Xbox The All In One Episode 45: Pro vs Scorpio, South Park And The Witcher 3

Host: Matthew Nemeth Co-Host: Robert Yocum entertainmenttalk.org @etalkuk entertainmenttalk@hotmail.com

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