Star Trek Discovery 109 'Into The Forest I Go' Mid-Season Finale Review – Netflix

By Matthew Nemeth

The mid-season finale of Star Trek Discovery has been aired on CBS and Netflix and i enjoyed it quite a bit. Although i did enjoy this episode it really could have been a season finale? At times i forgot it was the mid-season and not the actual finale to the season, that’s how much it felt like one. Each character had a nice end and set up for the season, Tyler and Micheal are pretty much together now, The Klingon is somewhat defeated sort of and everyone was left in kind of a nice place.

Star Trek: Discovery, 109 - Sonequa Martin-Green

I have enjoyed this half season of Star Trek more than i expected to. I thought i’d be completely lost (i am a little lost with a few things, but they aren’t bothering me) but i have been happy for Star Trek to tell a contained story. What do i want for the 2nd half and beyond? i do want them to break away from that slightly and do some more exploring, Just like Micheal did in the premier. Going out, Finding things, Exploring the earth ect. But like i said i was happy for the show to tell me a smaller story to start with, It could have worked with a bigger story, Of course, but for now I’m happy with what the show has done, especially as a Star Trek newbie and it’s made me care about a lot of these characters and i’d be sad to see some of them go if they did. I’ll see you all next year for the 2nd half of the season or hopefully you will stick around for our other podcasts, reviews and more. You can see our schedule here or it’s the 1st post when you scroll down on the homepage.

Rating 9/10

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