The Walking Dead Season 7: 4 Reasons To Get Excited


By Matthew Nemeth


So The Walking Dead Season 7 is due to premiere this October 24th on Fox at 9pm and It could be the best season so far, it certainly contains the biggest cast to date.

1 The first full season with Negan


Negan is The Walking Dead’s best and most interesting villain, He’s funny, Intimidating, Mean, Ruthless and sometimes even charming. it should be incredibly interesting to see Jeffrey Dean Morgan again as Negan, but in more than just a 10 minute speech and to see the character again will be very interesting.

2 New characters and the biggest part of The Walking Dead


As we see in the trailer we see new characters Ezekiel and Shiva who are from Ezikiel’s Kingdom. This season should also include The Walking Dead’s biggest storyline known as All Out War, which involves a war between Rick and Negan’s group, The comic had this storyline running for 1 whole year (1 volume – 6 issues, 1 issue per month). so it could last for season 7 and 8. So it should be exciting to see this all come together (hopefully AMC treats this storyline well).

3 Negan’s big kill


So we left of season 6 fading to black with Negan bashing someones head in, But we are not aware of who and won’t know who is it until season 7 returns in October, So who did he kill ? We can speculate all we like, but there is no way to really tell until the show does in fact return. Who do i think Negan killed ? Glenn and Abraham, but thats just my guess. One thing is for sure, This kill will impact the whole group no matter who it is and will change the show and the group for the rest of The Walking Dead.

4 The New Series Regulars


So recently 4 of the show’s characters where promoted to series regulars, These included Dwight, Negan, Gregory and Jesus (Paul Rovia). These are 4 very interesting and brand new characters that were only introduced last season and i look forward to seeing these characters more fleshed out, Ezikiel and Shiva will probably be guest or recurring characters for season 7.


Let me know what your thoughts are on The Walking Dead Season 7.

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