The Walking Dead: Who Should Be The One To Kill Alpha?

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The Walking Dead: Who Should Be The One To Kill Alpha?

By Natacha Gray

The Walking Dead is back for its 10th Season! We’ve already witnessed the group begin to prepare for battle against the Whispers. We’ve seen characters ready to get revenge for their lost loved ones. If you want to listen to a more in-depth review Matt and David post their Podcast every Wednesday. Where they discuss the episode and answer any questions that you guys have.

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In this article, we are going to be looking at the potential people that could kill Alpha. Just a heads up there will be Spoilers from Season Nine and Ten in this article so if you haven’t seen either of those Seasons stop reading go check those out and then come back.

1) Carol 

Season Nine for Carol brought many highs and lows. She appeared to settle down with King Ezekiel and Henry ruling the Kingdom as a peaceful community who only fought when necessary. Despite that, it never stopped Carol from protecting her son.

As we all know, Carol’s happiness doesn’t last. When Alpha decided to round the group of the people she intended to kill, Henry was one of them. As we examined the Pyke victims, Henry was the only victim that made sense. Why? The relationship that Henry had with her daughter Lydia. The pair seemed like an unlikely couple, but they seemed to work. Henry was able to show Lydia just how strong she could be.

As we have seen in the past, Carol is often underestimated by the Antagonists she encounters. We’ve seen this before until Merle Dixon acknowledges that each time she goes through something horrific, she comes back stronger and arguably than ever. One of Carol’s most intriguing qualities within Carol’s personality is she will not stop at anything until she’s got justice for the people she loves. Significantly more so when it comes to her children. In the first episode, we saw Carol staring down at Alpha with a look of pure hatred in her eyes. Whether Carol is the one who eventually kills Alpha or not, it’s fact that she’s going to try.  If Carol does succeed in getting to Alpha, we know that Carol is going to make it as slow, and as painful as possible.

2) Negan 

In Season Nine, Negan spent most of the Season locked up inside of a Prison Cell. When he did escape, he went back to the Sanctuary to realise it had become an abandoned building that none of them used any more. Since his time as the feared Antagonist came to an end, Negan’s had plenty of time to reflect. Even though Negan has remained the same witty, smart-mouthed character he’s always been, he’s been able to recognise that he’s done wrong.

That doesn’t mean everyone’s forgiven him or forgotten what he’s done. Some of Negan’s actions proved that he’s not all that bad. More specifically, his interactions with Judith.  We’ve witnessed that there are standing friendship between the two of them. Perhaps it’s because she wasn’t old enough to remember what happened between Negan and the others.

So why should Negan kill Alpha? Killing Alpha would prove where his loyalties lie it’s important to point out that Negan doesn’t care if he has to kill another person. We’ve witnessed Negan be ruthless against anyone who he deems as a threat time and time again. If the communities want Alpha to pay for what she’s done to them, Negan is not afraid to make their death as brutal as possible. Another important factor to point out is that Alpha and the rest of the Whisperers do not currently know that Negan exists. They’ve been able to examine the key members of each community carefully to determine who’s a threat. In many ways, Negan could be labelled their secret weapon if the killer instinct is very much apart of his character.

3) Daryl Dixon

Ever since Rick’s departure mid-way through Season Nine, we witnessed Daryl go through many changes. From distancing himself from the others so he could go out on his own to try and discover any information about Rick. Then, later on, developing a new friendship with Connie, who he seems comfortable around. Which was a major character development as we know that Daryl’s not always keen on new people?

Since Rick’s departure, we’ve seen Daryl being placed in the forefront of situations. He’s been able to take ahold of situations, for example; When he took Lydia under his wing. He was ready to protect her from her abusive Mother, Alpha no matter what it took. We’ve seen Daryl adapt from being completely alone and living solely with Dog.  To adapting and accepting new people into his life whereas before it was an extremely rare occurrence to be accepted into Daryl’s circle.

So why should Daryl kill Alpha? Currently, Daryl effectively has seen the people he cares for being affected the most. Arguably more so when it comes to Carol and her grief. If we look back at Season two, we witnessed Daryl go out and look for Sophia. If he hadn’t been gravely injured, Daryl would have stayed out until he discovered Sophia. Daryl certainly has what it takes to take down Alpha, especially since she’s a threat to those important to him.

4) Siddiq

In Season Nine we saw Siddiq discover that he was Father of Rosita’s baby. He also continued to live up to Carl’s legacy as he believes he owes Carl for saving his life. With dealing with trying to figure out the relationship between himself, Rosita, Gabriel and Eugene, it appeared that Siddiq was going to face another difficult situation as he was taken by Alpha and the Whisperers.

However, unlike the others, Siddiq’s fate was arguably worse than death as Alpha kept Siddiq alive purely to tell the others what happened. At the end of the Season Nine, at the fair, he stood on the stage and described people’s loved one’s horrific last moments.

So why should Siddiq kill Alpha? In the first episode, we witnessed that Siddiq struggling with the capture and murder of his friends. Later we witness that when new Character Dante asks Siddiq what’s going on with the Whispers, the mention of the group alone sends him into a flashback. Some people could argue that rather than it be PTSD, it’s guilt. There have been some theories that Siddiq might have been the one to betray the rest of the group. However, if Siddiq is severally suffering from PTSD due to what Alpha made him injure, then perhaps killing Alpha would provide him with some sort of resolution.

To conclude, all of these characters have a justifiable reason to be the one to kill Alpha. Whether it’s loyalty, redemption, or justification, Alpha has threatened communities that have a track record of doing whatever they need to do to protect themselves. A new war is coming for our survivors. You can guarantee Whisperersd have no idea who they’re truly dealing with.

If you’ve made it to the end of this article, thank you. If you want to react to this article, you can always send a response or message any questions you might have you can also send those in too.

Here’s a question for you guys; Who’s your favourite character currently alive in the Walking Dead and why?

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