Who I Would Have Chosen Negan To Kill On The Walking Dead

By Matthew Nemeth

So the time has passed, Last October The Walking Dead revealed who Negan chose to kill. But, What if he had chosen someone else? Here are the two characters I would have chosen and as always use the information at the end to let us know your thoughts.

1. A Non-Pregnant Maggie

twd negan maggie

So let’s just say for a moment that they were going to the Hilltop in the 1st place for a different reason and Maggie wasn’t pregnant, Why am I making Maggie not pregnant for this when Game Of Thrones killed a pregnant character? because┬áNegan killing a pregnant woman makes the character look weak, also I think THAT specifically would have probably been too far, No? I’m swapping Maggie for Glenn here, For two reasons, The 1st is so that Glenn can be part of the war and perhaps become the leader of the Hilltop in place of Maggie, Two is that I would have liked to have seen basically what Glenn would be like in place of Maggie, How would he deal with the likes of Negan, Gregory and Simon? How would his stance on killing change when it comes to a war? All interesting questions I feel.

2. Daryl


Ok don’t get mad at me I know we all love Norman and Daryl, Of course here I’m putting Daryl in place of Abraham. I’m personally interested in how his fans would react seeing Daryl be killed off in this way. Fan’s wouldn’t┬áreally riot, Would they? How many people would actually stop watching the show? I have not checked the numbers myself but are the episodes with Daryl in actually watched more? Also, I would have also loved to have seen Abraham in the war, With some of the same questions I have for Glenn. How would Abraham have dealt with Negan, Simon and Gregory.


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So that is my choices and why, Do you agree? Would you have chosen someone else? Keep in mind here I’m still looking for impactful kills and I just don’t think someone like Rosita or Eugene fits the bill. Anway let us know who you would have chosen using the information below, and for more on The Walking Dead feel free to check out our podcast.

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