Why I’m Still Watching The Walking Dead

By Matthew Nemeth

With all of the recent negativity surrounding The Walking Dead, AMC, Scott Gimple, the show’s ratings, lawsuits and mishandling of characters, actors and directors i thought I’d bring something positive to the table, I want to talk about why i still love The Walking Dead and why i’m still watching it. (also i couldn’t pick between the 2 photos for the thumbnail so i tried to put them together)

The Characters

twd characters

Just look at this lovely bunch of people, I love these characters and they are absolutely not the problem with the show and neither are the people portraying them. If i where to ever give up on the show i would always feel like i have sort of left them behind and while yes, there are comic book versions of some of them (Daryl and Tara from the image above are not) i’d still feel like i miss them even if some of them are no longer interesting to the story (Trash people, Eugene and maybe Gregory) and even as far as following the interesting villains over the years such as Negan is currently.

The Story


Sometimes this translates well and sometimes it doesn’t whenever a new comic storyline is brought to the screen from The Walking Dead comic there’s always questions, will it be done well? how similar will it be? where there different characters involved? what happened to the other set of characters? this person died instead of this one, which worked better? and of course the question of if a character died previously and their comic storyline is coming up who else is going to take it and will it work? ect. ect. and the interesting thing about the show is that if they mess up adapting a storyline there is still another one to come and as a comic reader this is always interesting to me.

A New Showrunner, Angela Kang


Yup Scott Gimple is no longer showrunner, He’s got a different role now but taking the torch from him will be Angela Kang, In 2011, she joined the writing staff of  The Walking Dead as a story editor. She was promoted to producer for season 3, co-executive producer for season 5 and showrunner for season 9, we don’t know how good she will be yet of course but thank god she is taking over from Gimple, I simply couldn’t stand him or his storytelling methods so it’s very nice to have this change of pace, also Angela apparently likes the comics quite a bit so hopefully we won’t be getting too much extra stuff and can get back to telling the good old comic storyline properly but with the fun remixes of course, and yes, i said fun, so that means not dramatically changing things to save money ect. But of course, we will just have to wait and see.

So that’s about all i wanted to say and yes the show has still got problems it needs to fix both in front of and behind the camera. But the mentioned elements are the ones that still have me interested.

Are you still watching the show? Are you still reading the comics? If you are or are not let me know using the information below and stay tuned for when The Walking Dead returns in February by listening to our podcast.

If you would like more of a negative opinion from me check out another article i recently did here.



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