Will Posion Ivy play a more vital role in Gotham Season 3?

By Natacha Gray
This article contains spoilers
   Earlier this week news broke out that Gotham Writers had decided to recast Ivy Pepper (Poison Ivy (previously played by Clare Foley). There is news as of yet who will replace Clare Foley in taking the notorious role. As for Ivy Pepper, who for the first two seasons has relatively been in the background, often seen aiding Selena Kyle (Catwoman) So with the new of the recast; could Poison Ivy be having a bigger role in Season 3?
   As we have seen this Season in Gotham, villains seem to rule Gotham as there definitely is more ferocious villains than heroes as of late. Edward Nygma was one of the key transformations this Season as he went from the intellectual evidence examiner to a ruthless killer and expert manipulator as he managed to get Detective Jim Gordon arrested for a crime he didn’t even commit. Is it time for Poison Ivy to unleash her vines within the streets of Gotham? There is no doubt that Poison Ivy is arguably one of the most iconic DC Villains. There has been an indication that Ivy is definitely interested in dangerous plants within Season 2 yet she used her extensive knowledge to knock out several members of Butch Glitzen’s men. Was this a possible teaser for what is to come in Season 3? Have Gotham writers been hinting Ivy’s true arrival for a while?

Season 2’s finale provided us with more questions than answers, with Bruce Wayne apparently having a doppelganger, several mysterious monsters, lurking out of the bus and a possible sighting of the originally deceased Jerome Valeska, not to mention the introduction of the Court of Owls. Within the chaos, could this be the time in which Poison Ivy strikes? Could she become one of the key villains within Season 3? Is it time for Ivy to break out from behind the scenes, becoming one of the front-runners in the show. Could we see her partner up with Oswald Cobblepot (The Penguin) who will undeniably be on a mission to reclaim his throne to once again be the King of Gotham; is Oswald Cobblepot once again going to be facing hard times as he tries to take back what he believes is rightfully his. Especially not that Fish Mooney is back; appearing to be more stronger and as powerful as ever (Even more so now Fish has the ability to control people’s minds) Could Penguin find an unlikely ally in the young woman who has a deep knowledge of all plants poisonous and deadly? Could she be a useful pawn in Penguins gain to his success? It would certainly be interesting.

Now that this news has been surfaced, looking forward to the possibility of Poison Ivy’s arrival in Gotham Season 3.

We will keep up to date with all Gotham news here at Entertainment Talk, here’s a question for you guys. If you could choose any Villian to make their arrival in Gotham, who would it be and why. Leave your answers in the comments below or you could tweet us @Etalkuk.

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