American Horror Story 706 Mid-Western Assassin Review FX

By Edward Petty

American Horror Story Cult returned on FX for 706 “Mid-Western Assassin


Ryan Murphy and AHS producers aired this episode on television with an edited first scene due to the mass-shooting that recently happened in Las Vegas, NV. Although the first scene, which depicted a mass shooting while Kai (Evan Peters) spoke at a rally in the town square, was edited, there was still plenty of AHS’s usual gore to keep true fans satisfied.

Ivy Mayfair-Richards (Alison Pill) is shocked to hear the first gunshot, and she’s soon told to run by Harrison Wilton (Billy Eichner), who soon takes cover himself. Bodies drop to the ground with each gunshot, including a good Samaritan who’s shot twice while trying to help Ivy, who’s sitting near a water-fountain afraid and frozen still. Although the edited TV version isn’t as graphic, the online version, which can be seen in America on FX’s website and on mobile streaming apps, shows all the violence as it was intended to be seen.

Ally Mayfair-Richards is seen holding the gun while bodies, including Kai, lay on the ground around her. Meadow Wilton (Leslie Grossman) is later revealed to be the shooter, who left Ally to be her patsy, all according to a plan that Kai had to have Meadow “kill” him to garner media attention. Meadow only wounds Kai in his leg, though. Kai had envisioned his recovery as a sort of so-called “miracle resurrection”, which, at least inside Kai’s warped mind, would be viewed by America, who thrived on human revival and survival. Meadow had fallen madly in love with Kai, yet she found out that she was being duped by him. She wasn’t the only woman in his life. Meadow saw Kai giving Ivy the same lovey-dovey spiel that he gave her. Kai, Harrison and Jack Samuels (Colton Haynes) try to stop Meadow from leaving not only the house but the cult. Remember that it was Harrison and Jack who dumped Meadow into the open grave. Kai doesn’t kill Meadow, instead opting to have Meadow tell Ally everything about the cult, because, Kai believes, no one will believe anything that a crazy person like Ally says, even if all that she says is true. Ally attempts to take the gun from Meadow while they’re at the rally. Ally’s unable to do so before Meadow shoots herself in the head after saying, “This is the face of true love”.

Ivy watches as Ally’s arrested for the shooting. And, Kai, who’s more than pleased that his plan went off like clockwork, is seen lying on a gurney proudly smiling.

This episode’s guest star was Sally Keffler (Mare Winningham). She called out Kai as a fear-monger, pointed out to him and all other listeners that the city’s crime rates weren’t as bad as he made them seem to be and announced that she was running against him in the City Council race as a write-in nominee. Poor Ms. Keffler is shot soon after this after Kai and many of the other cultists, now all dressed as clowns again, break into her home. No one can keep Kai from carrying out his world-domination goal.

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