My Top 5 Gotham Antagonists

By Natacha Gray 

In this article, I’ll reveal my top 5 Gotham Antagonists;

5) Victor Fries (Mr Freeze)

Victor Fries

Mr Freeze was one of the new villains introduced this season. His heartbreaking back story, I truly feel sorry for Victor Fries. Now he’s under the control of Hugo Strange and currently residing in Indian Hill; it is uncertain of how dark Mr Freeze can get. Personally, I would love to see more of Mr Freeze and for him to become a regular villain on Gotham. I’m curious to see how the GCPD would cope with Mr Freeze on the scene.

4) Jerome Valeska

Jerome Valeska

Jerome certainly made his impact at the beginning of Season 2 as he dominated Gotham’s headlines and certainly gained our attention. With Jerome having a very “Joker” feel about him it leads everyone to speculation whether or not Joker had stepped onto the scene. Gotham writers have claimed that Jerome Valeska is not, in fact, the Joker. Does that mean he’s not the Joker yet or is he not the Joker? Maybe he’s the ideology behind the Joker. In past episodes, we’ve seen the impact Jerome had. Regardless of the speculation and rumours, Jerome Valeska is one of my personal favourites within Season 2, you never knew what he was fully capable of or what he was going to do next.

3) Edward Nygma (The Riddler)

Edward Nygma

This season Edward Nygma has been transforming into the Riddler. After killing his girlfriend, Kristen Kringle Edward began to unravel, turning much darker. Lately, he’s been intent on destroying Jim Gordon. Edward Nygma is an interesting character with his use of his riddles and his high level of intelligence; Edward is going to be one of the villains to watch definitely in Season 3. Is Edward finished with Jim? That’s one of the fascinating things about Edward he always seems to have a plan. He’s also confident that he can outsmart everyone; can he?

2) Victor Zsasz

Victor Zsasz
Victor Zsasz is not a season regular on Gotham nor have we seen a lot of him this season (so far). Yet, I find myself wondering where Zsasz is and where he fits into Gotham’s criminal stature. So far he’s aligned himself with Don Carmine Falcone and Oswald Cobblepot. Yet since he aided the Penguin he’s seemed to have gone missing. From what we’ve seen of him, Victor Zsasz appears to be an extremely skilled Assassin with a degree of a sarcastic nature. Hopefully, we’re seeing more of the skilled assassin soon. I believe his character could certainly have an impact within Gotham.

1)Oswald Cobblepot (The Penguin) Oswald Cobblepot

Yet it’s the King of Gotham that takes the number one spot. We’ve been with Oswald from the beginning; understanding how he got his life-changing leg injury; to his rise to power. Oswald’s certainly been through his downs especially within Season 2 yet Oswald Cobblepot always finds a way to get back up no matter how problematic the situation is. Oswald has the ability to manipulate anyone he comes into contact with. Oswald Cobblepot has a relatable story (minus the whole deranged psychopath part) yet some viewers have often found themselves feeling sympathy towards Penguin. This Season Penguin certainly has shinned; so who knows what chaos is in store for Penguin?

So who is your favourite Atagonist? Are they featured within this top 5. Let us know in the comments below.

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