Sense 8 Season 2 Review Netflix

By Matthew Nemeth

Sense 8 kicked off its second season and it has been a bit of a mixed bag, I felt like the storylines were a bit all over the place up until Lito went to the gay pride festival and came out properly, at that point his character has some changes and consequences and from there was when I felt things kicked off. One thing that I really felt was off this season was the lack of the show using it’s actual premise for a purpose, again, at the start this was the issue.

sense 8

I just felt that once everything had come together it clicked so much better and I’d almost forgotten what had happened in the first seven episodes, Each of the individual storylines were great but I specifically liked Lito’s continuation this time with his coming out storyline and how it’s just so clear that the whole world hasn’t accepted the LBGTQ community and just how wrong it is for someone to not only not accept someone in this group but to discriminate them to not allowing them to work for you is just plain wrong and I felt the show depicted the whole thing well with Lito’s bounce back being a nice and emotional triumph, hey, I’d be game for a Lito spin-off at this point. or maybe just more screen time with him.

The leader of the Whispers’ wasn’t interesting to me and I was glad when that storyline came together with will being tortured as a result was just ‘fine’, it just overstayed it’s welcome and got annoying


There just doesn’t feel like there is a lot to talk about here, the characters had interesting individual journeys and it all came together nicely I just wish that the show had used it’s actual premise better and stuck to it rather then doing these journey’s so seperately. At the end of the day, this is still a great show, just with a weird misstep in a season that picked up the pace a little late.

Rating 7.5/10




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