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The Punisher Season 1 Review – Netflix

By Matthew Nemeth Wow. The Punisher‘s 1st season is easily one of the top 5 seasons of TV of 2017 and has the best acting performance of 2017 from Jon Bernthal as The Punisher. His ability to do emotion, action Read More

The Defenders Season 1 Review Netflix Spoiler Free

By Matthew Nemeth So it’s finally here, The Iron Fist, Daredevil, Jessica Jones And Luke Cage finally form together to create The Defenders in a short season of 8 episodes. The question you are probably asking, Is it good? Yes Read More

Entertainment Talk TV 12: Emmy Awards 2017, Netflix’s Castlevania S1 And Feedback

By Matthew Nemeth Me and Robert return for another TV Talk, This time we discuss the Emmy Awards for 2017, Castlevania on Netflix and general TV Talk Just click on listen in browser if it comes up Twitter: @etalkuk https://twitter.com/ETalkUK?lang=en Read More

F is for Family Season 2 Review Netflix

By Matthew Nemeth So, F is for Family returned for an entertaining second season on Netflix, The season was filled with very very adult storylines and characters, These characters deal with a lot of different adult situations and sometimes the subject matter Read More

Master Of None Season 2 Review Netflix

By Matthew Nemeth Master Of None returned for a great and well paced second season, It has a bit of the same old here but that’s just sticking with what was great about season one, Dev’s possibly good and possibly Read More

Missing The Walking Dead? Here Are 5 Shows You Should Watch

By Matthew Nemeth The Walking Dead ended its seventh season earlier in April and won’t be back until October, In the meantime rather than re-watching The Walking Dead for the 10th time (you can do that too if you want) Read More