The Defenders Season 1 Review Netflix Spoiler Free

By Matthew Nemeth

So it’s finally here, The Iron Fist, Daredevil, Jessica Jones And Luke Cage finally form together to create The Defenders in a short season of 8 episodes. The question you are probably asking, Is it good? Yes absolutely. This season is amazing from start to finish. I enjoyed every single moment when The Defenders are together either in the dialogue or when fighting together, that specifically was everything I had hoped for it’s witty, funny, serious and charming in that way, does the season have slow moments? of course, every TV series does that (cough cough apart from Breaking Bad)

So the plot does follow from each of the characters season finales from their shows which I won’t spoil and I wouldn’t say it’s necessary to watch each of them but I’d prioritise Daredevil, Iron Fist and maybe Jessica Jones in terms of plot.

The season as a whole I massively enjoyed especially when the moment of them all meeting and having the conversation actually happens is incredibly interesting stuff. I loved the way Electra was used as a villain and how that worked very nicely into the plot which also tied very nicely into Iron Fist’s part of the story.

I like Daredevil’s involvement in the season as he has become the sort of Iron Man/Arrow/Superman for the Netflix Defenders series. I even liked how some of the smaller characters are blended nicely into the story and play their part without running The Defenders time as a team up this involves characters such as Claire, Colleen (who does become a much bigger character)  Foggy, Karen and Trish.

Overall this is just what I feel we have all been waiting for, The Defenders teaming up and it’s just amazing what Netflix and Marvel have been able to do here, I like the way personalities clash and also come together, how there are small references to previous episodes of the character’s series and that’s without spoiling much. Ignore what bad critics say as this is just an excellent show and shows that there is still, even more, potential in the years to come for these characters.

After the links at the bottom, i will put a spoiler warning as I want to talk about a few things

Rating 10.0/10.0 

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spoiler talk!



So we all knew that Matt was not dead from the explosion/collapsing building but where is he now? What actually happened with him and Electra? Also what happened to Electra herself? I guess we will either find out in season 3 of Daredevil or season 2 of The Defenders (more likely in Daredevil season 3). I felt like Alexander’s and Stick’s deaths where both well used infact i was starting to wonder how much more time Stick had left in the series as a whole as he felt like the sort of old wisdom cannon fodder type character in the end.



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