Top 5 Gotham Protagonists

By Natacha Gray 

In this article, I’ll reveal my top 5 favourite Gotham Protagonists;

5) Leslie Thompkins


When Leslie Thompkins was introduced “Rogue’s Gallery” She quickly befriended Jim Gordon. Soon enough she quickly befriended Jim Gordon and eventually becoming Jim Gordon’s girlfriend. Throughout Season 1 and now into Season 2 we’ve seen Lee grow as a character, throughout the ups and downs with Jim. Arguably she’s grown into a strong and independent character and I cannot wait for what Gotham has in store for her.

4) Detective Jim Gordon

Jim Gordon.jpg

Gotham is primarily centred around Jim Gordon and how he eventually becomes Commissioner Gordon and while I admire Jim Gordon and his determination to discover who killed the Wayne’s. Jim’s behaviour as of late has been sketchy and I’ve often wondered what are Jim’s intentions.  With that being said, Jim Gordon is an interesting character and his already budding relationship with young Bruce Wayne is touching. His determination and willingness to find the Wayne’s killer is truly something.

3) Bruce Wayne

Bruce Wayne.jpg

I bet everyone is thinking, am I crazy Bruce Wayne should be at the top spot. He’s Batman for crying out loud. Young Bruce Wayne is impressive and we’re only two seasons in and Bruce Wayne is already showing signs of his transition into Batman. Through his adventures with Selina Kyle on the rough streets of Gotham; hunting down the man who assassinated his parents; his vigorous defence training lessons with Alfred. Little Bruce Wayne is already packing a punch and ready to defend the civilians of Gotham. Bruce Wayne is already an amazing character with such big shoes to fill which I’m excited to see how he grows at the end of this season and into Season 3.

2) Harvey Bullock

Harvey Bullock

Traditionally Harvey Bullock is seen as Detective Jim Gordon’s sidekick, but, Gotham has proved that Harvey is much more than that. Especially in this season, he’s been a great ally to Jim and an even greater friend. Harvey and Jim have amazing chemistry both balancing each other out. Yet it’s Harvey’s natural ability to bring comedic relief to the darkness that engulfs Gotham that makes his character one of my personal favourites. Another reason being his loyalty is second to none willing to battle in the dark arena that is Gotham to protect his friend.

1)Alfred Pennyworth

Alfred Pennyworth

Gotham’s Alfred Pennyworth is my favourite Protagonist of Season 2, he’s loyal, courageous and willing to put his life on the line for Bruce Wayne. This season alone, he’s been in more fights than most rivalling Jim Gordon himself. Alfred Pennyworth is an incredibly loyal character who is almost certain to help Bruce Wayne with anything he wants to do no matter how dangerous that given situation is. With Gotham’s portrayal of Alfred Pennyworth consisting of him being in the Special Air Service and being experienced in a range of fighting techniques. This version of Alfred perceives to be a lot more tactical with the ability to protect Bruce when he needs it. In Season 3 I really hope that Gotham explores that more.
So who is your favourite character? Are they within the top 5 or not? Let us know in the comment section below.

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