Who Could Be The Next Batman?

Entertainment Talk
Entertainment Talk
Who Could Be The Next Batman?

By Matthew Nemeth

With the recent news that Ben Affleck is done playing Batman here’s a list of actors who should take over the role

Jon Hamm 

AMC’s Don Draper from Mad Men, has the Bruce Wayne look, has publicly said he is interested and would be a great fit

Kit Harington

Recently finished as Game Of Thrones’ John Snow, Kit would be a great fit and is now free for work after 8 years of Game Of Thrones, unless he does have another project

Andrew Lincoln

Recently “finished” as AMC’s Rick Grimes for The Walking Dead, Andrew would be a great as Batman and Bruce Wayne. But would still would not be able to shout Coral, oh AMC…

Idris Elba

The BBC’s Luther, Idris is excellent not just in general but at dealing with a darker overall tone both for character and plot, he would also be great as James Bond but that’s probably never going to happen 

Stephen Amell

The CW’s Green Arrow/Oliver Queen, he has kind of already been playing Batman for 7 years but will possibly want to move on soon and there may be a similar role waiting for him.

Shazad Latif

Star Trek Discovery’s Tyler on CBS, Tyler is also great at dealing with darker tones and just something about him could possibly work as Batman, plus, if The Walking Dead is ever rebooted he could play a great Jesus or Siddiq

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