American Horror Story Cult 705 Holes Review FX

By Edward Petty

American Horror Story returned for 705 ‘Holes‘ on FX

This episode opens seeing Bob Thompson (Dermot Mulroney) chastising Beverly Hope (Adina Porter) for reporting “fake news”. He fires her, yet she retaliates by threatening to call a press conference to divulge that Bob had been, as Beverly says, “sexually harassing a dead girl.”

Scene two shows Winter (Billie Lourd) telling all those who’re involved in Kai (Evan Peters)’s cultish clique, Beverly, Detective Jack Samuels (Colton Haynes), Gary Longstreet (Chaz Bono) and Harrison Wilton (Billy Eichner) among them, that most of the voting public either doesn’t know about, or is disinterested in, voting in the City Council race. Beverly tells them all that most of the public acts and reacts less to being told news and more to being shown news. Kai mentions to Beverly that he’s displeased that she couldn’t get Bob to air the tape about Selena Belinda (Emma Roberts). He proposes that the solution will be killing Bob, because of Bob’s refusal. Ivy Mayfair-Richards (Alison Pill) walks into their meeting late.

Ally Mayfair-Richards is seen in scene three talking to Dr. Rudy Vincent (Cheyenne Jackson). She tells him that she woke up realizing that she’d scratched holes into her neck due to her anxiety. She’s upset with Ivy for leaving her to live alone inside a house that is, as she says, “marked”, and that has little police protection. Ally says that Ivy prepared for leaving Ally, cancelling all their credit cards and filing for sole custody of Oz (Cooper Dodson), giving Ally only supervised visits with him. Ally asks Dr. Vincent to help her to keep from losing Oz.

Ivy and Winter are talking inside a car, as Ivy drives them to meet with Kai and all the others, in scene four about how Oz is dealing with his moms’ separation. Ivy reports that Oz is doing surprisingly well. Ivy vows to take radical action to do whatever it takes for Oz’s well-being.

Kai and all the other cultists head toward Bob Thompson’s home. Kai’s instructed them all to chant a Latin Satanic phrase as Bob’s killed, because, Kai says, paraphrasing, that Latin’s scary.

Unsuspecting Bob’s seen scooping ice cream into a bowl as all the cultists, who’re now dressed in clown masks, gather around him. Bob tells all the cultists that no one will care for his “gimp in the attic” if he’s killed. All the cultists go into the attic to find a man hanging by hooks. A clown votes that the so-called “gimp” be let go. Kai will have no voting, and he decides to knife the “gimp” to death. Ivy runs out of the attic revulsed.

Three of the cultist clowns take turns stabbing Bob in the attic, with the “gimp”’s body laying nearby, before Beverly takes the final blow to Bob with an axe to his head. Beverly later warns news viewers that they’re all about to watch an “extremely disturbing video” of Bob’s murder.

Ally later sees, by using a telescope that’s pointed outside her bedroom’s window, that Harrison first goes into his kitchen to retrieve a billy club, kisses Detective Samuels, then is seen lugging a duffle bag around in his garage. Ally, who’s soon at the neighbours’ house, finds out that Harrison’s dug Meadow’s grave, and that she’s lying, still alive, inside it. Meadow pleads “Help me” in a whisper to Allly. Ally returns to her house, dismisses 9-1-1, who’re too busy to handle her call, calls Ivy, who dismisses Ally’s craziness. Meadow bangs on a window and tells Ally that everyone’s in a cult, from the police, to her husband, to Ivy. Meadow’s then dragged away from the window with her head covered by a pillowcase.

Winter’s later seen with many of the other cultist culprits around her, telling Kai that he’s ahead of all other candidates by ten points after further straw polling. Kai claims that this achievement isn’t enough. He tells all that he needs a 50-percent leap in order to avoid a run-off. He advises all that they’re all about to take care of what he calls a “problem”.

Anchor R. J. (James Morosini), who’s been bound with duct tape to a chair and gagged, is said by Beverly to be unable to do grunt work, while others see him as a squealer to authorities if he’s let go. Kai tests Ivy’s solidarity to and with the group by handing her a nail gun to use on R. J. R. J. dies from seven nails to his head.

The episode’s final scene depicts Beverly asking Kai who he really is, where his parents are and what happened to them. Cue to a flashback sequence. Kai’s lawyer father became paralyzed after a motorcycling accident. Kai runs up from his basement bathroom after hearing a gunshot. He finds his father sitting in a chair bleeding, and his mother standing about to put a gun inside her mouth. It’s revealed that Dr Vincent and Winter are Kai’s brother and sister. Kai and Rudy move their parents into a bedroom and cover them on a bed with lye. Winter threatens to turn them both into the police, yet she doesn’t. Beverly asks Kai if his parents are still in the bedroom in his house. Kai visits them sometimes, as they lay in the bed rotting away. He promises his mother that he’ll be something someday.

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