My Top 5 Favourite TV Pilots

5. The Big Bang Theory


The start of The Big Bang Theory shows it’s original characters Sheldon, Leonard, Rajesh and Howard being their geeky selves. It’s funny and original. We also meet the gorgeous Penny as Leonard points out  that she is “significant improvement over the old neighbour”. Full of funny, geeky and comedic lines.

4. 24

24 jack bauer

Possibly my favourite TV series of all time. It starts the story of the incredible character that is Jack Bauer, played by the amazing Kiefer Sutherland. This episode shows what Jack is all about, taking care of his family and taking care of threats to his country. This is an excellent TV series.

3. Lost


The start of one of the most talked about shows ever. The pilot shows the leader of the group and protagonist Jack, starting with the survivors attempting to survive the plane crash, only to find themselves on a mysterious island. This is a fantastic pilot episode.

2. The Walking Dead


The start of Robert Kirkman’s The Walking Dead TV series based off of his comic book series of the same name. Shows Rick Grimes played by the amazing Andrew Lincoln waking up in the middle of a zombie apocalypse and looking for his family. This is an incredible start to the massive AMC TV series.

1. Breaking Bad


Number 1 on this list was something I was blown away by – Breaking Bad’s pilot episode. Setting up the phenomenal character and story for Bryan Cranston’s Walter White, as well as other characters such as Jesse Pinkman. And I just remember saying something to myself knowing the series has finished with a conclusive story – “I have to finish this.”

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