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The Walking Dead is a mess and needs to end before it’s too late

By Matthew Nemeth If you have been watching The Walking Dead on AMC recently and have yet to give up on the show chances are, you are not very happy, myself included. AMC’s unbelievable greed is getting absurd, ridiculous, whatever Read More

The Walking Dead 816 ‘Wrath’ Season Finale Review

By Matthew Nemeth Me, Chris and David are back to review The Walking Dead 816 ‘Wrath‘ on AMC and Fox. It finally concludes the long 32 episode Negan arc which has gone on far too long, been far too filled Read More

Different Lego PostersĀ 

By Matthew Nemeth   My favourite here is the flash and arrow one but they are all very cool and makes me think about what lego films we could see in the future entertainmenttalk.org@etalkukentertainmenttalk@hotmail.compatreon.com/entertainmenttalk