The Walking Dead is a mess and needs to end before it’s too late

By Matthew Nemeth

If you have been watching The Walking Dead on AMC recently and have yet to give up on the show chances are, you are not very happy, myself included. AMC’s unbelievable greed is getting absurd, ridiculous, whatever you want to call it. The list of mistakes and outright greedy decisions from the studio is frighteningly long and just bad. The bottom line? AMC. just. does. not. care. at least if the mistakes of the 8 almost 9 years is anything to go by, it’s all of the words you can use to describe the greedy and shocking decisions that have been made. With the most recent news that Rick Grimes himself Andrew Lincoln is reportedly leaving the show (just look it up there are several sources).

I was going to include a mini-podcast here of sorts with me talking about this mess but i honestly am losing the energy and motivation to keep talking about the mess that all of this is and has caused, so below i’m simply going to list a bunch of mistakes they have made, just to show you the absurdity.

If you would, however, like to see Myself, David, Chris and Sophie talking about individual episodes, click here for our podcast.

Here’s a brief description of each mistake as i mentioned above

1. End of season 1 leading into season 2, Frank Darabont leaves the show after being asked to show-run for 13 episodes instead of 6 with the same budget (that doesn’t work) Frank himself then follows on to sue AMC for around $200 Million (a lawsuit still going on)

2. At the end of season 3 Laurie Holden (Andrea) is “fired” “asked to leave” after moving house to be closer to the set.

3. seasons 4-6 happen and considered the golden years of The Walking Dead, this i can agree with (most of 6 anyway)

4. Season 6 episode 3 Glenn is “killed off” in a cheap trick to get the audience talking and to try and raise ratings

5. Season 6 finale Negan is introduced in a fantastic episode only to have all the momentum that builds up to the reveal of one of the greatest characters of the series become completely useless when he “kills” an unknown victim/character from a pov view so you can’t see who it is, creating one of the worst cliffhangers of all time leading to a painful 6 months of “who did Negan kill”

6. After a painfully slow 7th season Robert Kirman (the creator of the comic-books and a few other producers decide to sue the show for up to $1b Dollars because it was reported that AMC didn’t pay Kirkman and the other producers what they owe to Kirkman and the others, Kirkman himself then leaves AMC to go and produce TV for Amazon (remind you of someone mentioned at the start?)

7. Chandler Riggs is fired The Walking Dead 2 weeks before his 18th Birthday as he would have been eligible to receive more money and AGAIN, AMC chose not to spend money and wrote him out of the show

8. It is reported that Andrew Lincoln is leaving The Walking Dead roughly a month after it was reported that Lauren Cohan (Maggie) yet again asked for more money (are you sensing a theme?) because of her rising role in the show, Yet AGAIN, AMC refused to pay extra and as a result Lauren will be in fewer episodes for season 9 and is only booked for half of season 9 itself.

twd face palm


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