What I Will Be Watching This Fall/Autumn

By Matthew Nemeth


If you see a show on this list you are not caught up with just try to read carefully.

The September, October and November lots of TV shows will be returning and there are still shows that are just getting started with their 1st seasons, So here is what i will be watching.

The Walking Dead


So The Walking Dead is back on October 24th and we will finally find out the result of season 6’s cliffhanger that left a lot of fans angry, Its probably what i am most looking forward to at the end of the year especially as a comic book fan. For more on The Walking Dead check out my article, The Walking Dead Season 7: 4 Reasons to get excited.



Rather than write about each individual show, including Gotham, The Flash, Supergirl, Arrow and Legends Of Tomorrow. I will simply say that The Flash has been some of the best TV i have seen, Its just a shame that Grant Gustin isn’t The Flash for the justice league films. With all of the DC Arrowverse shows now being on the CW and the four-way crossover coming up it should be very exciting, This also includes Gotham which i’m hoping improves.

Designated Survivor


So Kiefer Sutherland is coming back to TV since his run in 24 Live Another Day in 2014 but is putting down his gun and damn it’s as popular lead character of 24 Jack Bayer, This time he is back this time in the form of new character Tom Kirkman in ABC’s new drama, Designated Survivor. I am looking at this as a new show with Kiefer Sutherland just with him in the president’s seat. It also stars Maggie Q possibly most known for playing lead character Nikita from Nikita.



This show really surprised me in ways of action, characters and a really surprisingly interesting plot which i felt i would have pushed to the side and just watched as an action show but it became more than that, and that season 2 trailer. looking entertaining, especially with the season 1 cliffhanger and the change in the story that is coming.



A new HBO show. Westworld is an upcoming science fiction thriller television series created by Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy for HBO, based on the 1973 film of the same name. Trailer looked interesting and it’s a HBO show. Do we need to say more ?

Marvels Agents Of Shield Agents Of Shield


Had an interesting 3rd season and changed things up, With season 4 we are getting Ghost Rider. I really feel that Ghost Rider will seriously change things up and move the show closer to having more and more characters with powers and with the loss of 1 or 2 characters (no spoilers) its good to know a new and big character is on the way.

The Big Bang Theory


Coming up to its 10th and possibly final season, Can the big bang theory continue to keep up it’s big numbers (around 15 million viewers per episode). We shall see, i am still a massive fan of this show and am excited to see where these characters go.

Looking slightly into next year we have the following:

24 Legacy


I personally consider myself to be one of the biggest 24 fans and have come to terms with Jack Bauer not being in this season, I am still on board with this season and with having a new character. I am also excited to see Miranda Otto being in this show as Rebecca Ingram as she was excellent in Homeland. I still personally feel that Jack Bauer COULD show up in this season, Maybe right at the end for a nice cliffhanger.

Prison Break


So Prison Break is back for another season following Fox’s decision to revive the series. So will this be the actual final season ? or will Fox painfully give another 24 live another day style cliffhanger ? Don’t get me wrong cliffhangers are great for discussion ect but please Fox, Don’t do that again. I was originally intrigued quite a bit by specifically WHAT they would do with this season, But after seeing the trailer it looks clearer and has me more interested, but could also potentially ruin the show, (be cafefull Fox).

The Leftoverstheleftovers

Following a phenomenal season 2 full of mystery also including its ending and how they will start season 3 given that it is it’s final season. I can’t say much more because this is one of those shows that you just can’t quite predict and given that is was made by the same people that made lost, It is very hard to predict or say what might happen. Making it all the more interesting and exciting.



Another show where things are a little more unpredictable due to this season, having alot of new characters and probably a relatively new story although things may still connect like season 2 did.



Another season of Homeland and another 2 to follow after, I hope Homeland can continue to come out with new story’s and to continue to have intense scenes and be as emotional and intense as 24, Homeland has done an excellent job of this so far.

Luke Cage


Starting later this month, another round of the Netflix superheroes that i’m very excited for, This time it’s Luke Cage’s turn and i’m hoping to just see more awesomeness from Luke Cage given how awesome he was in Jessica Jones. I am hoping for him to use his strength as much as possible and to hopefully see some crossovers with the other defenders, it’s possible right ?

So that’s what i will be watching this Autumn/Fall season and some of next year and it’s going to be a busy one.

So what will you be watching? Let me know in the comments below






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